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Review: Titanfall

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month or so, you will have seen the love that the Xbox One release of Titanfall was met with a few weeks ago.
I was one of those lovers as you properly saw in our Xbox One review, but I’m pretty sure I had 98% of all One owners behind me on that.
Our 360 brothers though have had a longer wait for their port, and in all honesty there’s hardly anything to look at in regards to gameplay or screenshots from the guys at Bluepoint games whose job it was to port over Titanfall from the One.
I was one of those guys that upon seeing just the One version being shown off at events and so on, I assumed the 360 version was going to look pants, so I needed to play it to see.
Thanks to EA, I got that chance this week via a review copy they sent over to us.

Due to the flu and Easter holidays being sprung on me over the last few weeks, this review has taken a bit longer than I had hoped, but we got there in the end.
Cutting to the chase before I even start the review, you can pretty much stop worrying if you think the One and PC guys only got the best version, as the 360 version pretty much mirrors what I said in my Xbox One review.
Bluepoint Games have done a great job of porting this over to the 360, but it does beg the question, was it not shown because of how close it was to the One version?
Sure it isn’t as shiny and beautiful as its next-gen brother, but in terms of the fast, frantic gameplay we all know from Titanfall, it has transferred over rather well.

I’m going to touch on the two bad points I’ve found while playing Titanfall, and first is the campaign.

You do get a story mode tied into the game, but if you’re anything like me you won’t come out of it enriched with knowledge of the world or the characters you play alongside or against in the game.
Rather than an action packed cut-scene filled story we see in many shooters, you’re given this flimsy online-only story with the only information given to you about the back story coming via short and sometimes overlooked small in-game cut-scenes or voice overs at the start and end of every map.
Also losing on any of the maps will not bring the story to a crashing halt as win or lose, the story will just keep on going no matter what the outcome.
It’s because of those reasons that the story felt rather weak to me, and the only reason it was worth playing was to unlock the two extra titans which you get by finishing both sides of the campaign.

The titans you unlock by finishing the 2 campaigns are the fast and nimble Strider, and then you have the powerful Ogre, both of which will then be available to use in multiplayer matches
Other than that though I came out none the wiser in regards to anything else in the game when doing the campaign***, so yeah, pretty in that department.

The second bad point in the game is equal teams while in multiplayer.

Now and again you will get chucked into a match facing a team who will have no doubt played it much longer than you and will also be a higher rank than you.
Personally I like a challenge now and again, but I know some guys really getting annoyed with it, so I thought I should make you aware of it.
Half the time yes, you might lose, but winning a game against a guy/girl who is a gen 9 will give you a great feeling.
Anyway enough of the bad stuff about Titanfall, let’s get to the good stuff.

The game’s stand out feature that makes it different from the rest is without a doubt the mix and difference between both titan and pilot play.
With the titan you will find yourself instantly learning that it is better to travel in a pack rather than trying to do it solo, as if you come across a bunch of enemy titans it will be game over.
If you do go solo though just remember a planned attack will work out much better rather than flying in hammering your chaingun and rockets hoping for the best.
Find yourself a nice bit of cover and weave in and out of it while firing attacks at your enemy and you will soon see them ejecting out to safety.

Pilots are a different kettle of fish entirely, as these guys are much faster, but can still dish out a decent amount of damage to the much bigger enemies.
For the first few hours you will learn the maps by using the fast parkour feel the pilots have to them, but soon enough you will find yourself amazed at what you can pull off.
Pilots can wallrun and leap up onto buildings, but doing it at stupidly high-speed just makes you feel like a badass.
Not only are they the guys to take control on the ground, but they can also try to takedown the much bigger titans with their special weapon.
Sure they take a few shots before you get anywhere with them, but if a few of you are trying to take one down, they soon explode.

Where the game yanks back its cool card though is via the games multiplayer.
There is no reason for me to type about this all over again, as my thoughts I had about the MP on the One version I played previously pretty much sum up my feelings here.
I was expecting a little bit of slowdown when it came to modes such as Last Titan Standing, but even that played better than I could have wished for.

The modes on offer are:

If you played the beta recently you will know what this is, but for those that don’t it is basically team deathmatch with the added extra of titans.
Basically a game full of 6 enemy pilots and a bunch of cannon fodder in the form of game bots, which are great for the guys who still want to have fun when the guys who game on it 24/7 are around.
Most of these modes have bots that count towards your score to be honest with you, so that theme runs throughout for those guys scared off suffering a hammering.

Last Titan Standing:
You all start off in your Titan, the team that ends the game with their titans alive win the game.
Not one of my personal favorites in all honesty as I’m more of an in and out pilot kind of player, which you can do in this mode if you wish, but once your titan is down that counts as your life over so the game can still end even though your pilot is alive.
This mode is more tactical as you and your team work together to take out the other titans, so it turns into like this mech chess game where teamwork is much-needed.
If you run in alone like an idiot you will soon find yourself ejecting out of your titan very soon. Certainly something to try when you fancy a change of pace though.

This mode is the tried and tested mode we’ve seen countless times before, but works really well in Titanfall and has become my go to mode.
Something about it just seems to gel with the setup of the game for me and makes for fast, frantic close games when you’re matched up with a likewise skilled team on the other side.
The basic concept if you’ve not played modes like this before is simple, you have three points on the map that need to be taken over, you do this by going to the place on the map highlighted by a letter and hold it down until it changes to your team colour.
The enemy can always take it back though, so a cat and mouse of taking over the points takes place. The more points you the hold the quicker your team score rises, so it’s best to try to lockdown as many as you can to get that game won as quick as you can. Like I said my favourite mode so far, so one worth checking out.

Capture the Flag:
Once again another shooter favorite that you will have seen elsewhere.
Works really well with the fast action that Titanfall offers, but a little tip I’ve seen people doing for new players out there, if you have a titan, use it.
I’ve seen players attacking the enemy flag and then jumping back into their titan for that extra bit of protection when it comes to incoming enemy fire.
The downside to this though is you will lose a bit of speed, but if you have a good team that should not be an issue.
Overall, what you come to expect from CTF, so nothing really much to type about here

Pilot Hunter:
Are you one those guys that like to camp in corners and snipe people? Yep, this is your mode.
With kills against pilots (real players) only counting in this one, you will tend to find those guys on a high spot looking for that easy kill.
It’s for that reason alone I will not be using it very often, as all that does is take away the sparkle that Titanfall offered gamers for once.
Titanfall is not about sitting in a corner with a sniper killing those guys using the fast frantic gameplay, and if you do that then shame on you.
So yeah, this mode is basically team deathmatch, but no bot kills counting towards the score.
Other than variety pack which is a mix bag of the above, that is your lot for Multiplayer.

Multiplayer also has a few little extra things that do need to be brought up.

First we have a thing called burn cards. These cards are one time use cards that give you a little perk in a certain area of combat, be it a certain gun or an over the top perk.
These range from things like extra XP, amped guns (meaning more powerful), to better things like being constantly cloaked or having the ability of a Titan as soon as the game starts.
You earn these cards by doing in-game challenges, but do not fear as they seem to be thrown at you at a steady rate without even really trying.

Secondly is regeneration, which is the games prestige system.
Hit rank 50 and you get to regenerate with a shiny number badge next to your name each time you do it.
Be warned though as after the first regeneration you do, challenges must be met to regeneration next time around.
This can be things like a certain amount of kills with a certain weapon, which in all honesty put me off wanting to do it a second time around.

Overall: This 360 version is just as good as any other version out there on the market.
The only downsides I’ve had are what I’ve spoken about above, but other than that Titanfall does another great job on the 360.

Review: Titanfall Tony
Replay Value

Summary: Bluepoint games have done a great job porting over a game that looked so good already on better machines. Sure you do get a few screen tears here and there, but this doesn't take away enjoyment away from a shooter fan who has not bought a newer console yet.


Great port

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