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Review: Star Trek

We never got a chance to review this game on release, as Namco just overlooked my email I guess, but with two weeks of no internet due to an overlooked bill imminent I thought why not get this game finished and reviewed. My knowledge of Star Trek goes about as far as a few catchphrases, A few actors who played Captain Kirk on both the movies and the TV show, and the much loved Star Trekkin song from the 80’s. When reading about this game before it was released I saw one header saying “The Next Mass Effect” so I got a little excited and thought maybe it could turn out to be better than I expected. In recent weeks the reviews have been out for this, and from what I’ve seen of them it hasn’t done very well at all with the average score being between 4 and 6, so I thought may as well give the game a look and put my opinion on it out there on the site.

You play the game as either Captain Kirk or Dr Spock as you attempt to save you and your crew from the Gorn clan, a bunch of aliens previously seen in the TV show I believe. They have some sort of power that is turning your crew into zombies that glow a weird yellow colour, so your task is to stop this epidemic from becoming much worse. The story plays out over around 5 to 7 hours long and sees you visiting alien planets, the Enterprise, and a few other locations on the way. To be honest with you this is where the game starts to become a bit of a let down, as the levels are not exactly an exciting thing to play through at times.
With boring missions and poorly made levels that look to have come from the old Xbox era, very early on you kind of get the feeling you’re not in for a good time. Don’t get me wrong they did a great job with getting all the voices for the main cast and their likeness rendered amazingly well, but beyond that it just feels like they’re expected the name to carry the game.

The games AI is another sore point for me, I could have played through the game with a random online guy, but why not test out the AI I thought. What I sadly found out was that at times the AI works fine, but at other times it actually had me laughing at it, one such moment being at a stealth moment in the game (the game has a few of), Spock was crouching right in front of a guard I supposedly trying to hide from. Now while I stuck with the program and went all ninja like behind some crates Spock felt the need to full on crouch in the guards path only for the guard to wiggle his way past like Spock was wearing some sort of invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. That was not the only issue, as at times the camera can play havoc with your gameplay, as one such moment happened early on for me in the game, my quest was to carry Kirk to a table where I could heal his injuries he had suffered only moments ago, but what happened was me being stuck behind the bed with the camera locking back into a place so I could not see where I was going. A whole 3 minutes were wasted there as I battled my way through it. The game is also littered with mini tasks that do away from shooting aliens or finding the next goal, they come at you in many disguises such as ‘match up sounds’ games that hack certain things, or ‘matching a frequency’ to unlock a door. You also have ‘power node’ mini-games that you must ‘power up’ to unlock doors that sees you ‘taking control of a blip on a map’ or ‘making your way to a power point’ so the power will load up, all nothing new, but at least it breaks up the combat for a while.

The game does have some good points though, if your a fan of the Star Trek movies you might be able to look past a few of the glitches and bugs that litter the game, as it’s a nerds paradise. You get to fly the Enterprise, the characters are a spitting image of who they are meant to be, it has all the tech you know and love from Star Trek, The Decipher does that C-3PO type sound when you pull that bad boy out your pocket. I’m reaching deep in the good bag here people looking for good things from a non Star Trek fans perspective, but truth be told it will only maybe please such a person, as the game offers nothing new or fresh we’ve not seen a million times before.

Overall Star Trek is your typical movie game that will only be a full price game as long as the movie is around, so you can bet in a few weeks the price will drop. We’ve seen a few decent movie tie-in games of late, but sadly this is not one of them but if you’re using a gaming rental service I would say add it to your rental list for a couple of days use and get some gamer score while the release schedule is this quiet, definitely not a full price purchase.

Review: Star Trek Tony

Star Trek

Replay Value

Summary: Stay away as a full price title, but one to pick up when you see it in a bargain bin under a £5.00. Rental game if ever there was one, but beware the rubbish camera and rubbish AI.


Rental only

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