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Review: Lost Planet 3

September looks set to be a hectic time for games and we are only still at the very start. So with a backlog bigger than my arm, I finally got back into gear now that the kids have returned to school.
Lost planet 3 is out to buy now and the guys at Capcom were nice enough to send us over a review code to get a review up on the site.

I will be honest boys and girls, I am not a Lost Planet guy. Sure I dabbled in both previous games, but neither of them held my attention for very long when playing.
Now I must be missing something here, as for a game to be on its third outing must mean that out there somewhere are gamers that love the series, or Capcom just like making them, who knows?
I’ve been gaming a while though and I’m yet to hear someone say to me “you must check out Lost Planet, it’s awesome”, so either this has a cult following or I’ve missed loads in my time off with the kids on summer holidays.
Anyway, you’re not here to read me go off topic, let’s get on with the review.

Lost planet 3 sees you taking control of Jim Peyton, just a regular Joe looking to work his ass off to make money for his lovely wife and new child.
Now rather than go work somewhere nice and safe, old Jim decides to become a Utility Rig Pilot for a company called NEVEC, which stands for Neo-Venus-Construction. This might sound like a boring job to gamers out there but let me just add that this means he has his own MECH, yes I said mech.
So all those guys dribbling over Titanfall need look no further for a mech fix right now, or you would at least hope so.

Of course the game has a story away from the mech as the evil orange Akrid are on the attack again and out to stop you doing your job, but Capcom also attempt to pull at your heartstrings with short video calls between Jim and his wife.
Sadly though, these just feel out of place in the game and can come across as weird, but if anything, they take you away from the game for a second and they don’t really add anything at all.

I write this part of the review after spending my first 4 hours or so with the game this afternoon, and being honest with you the game feels like a slow burner.
The game kicks off with the above and looked to be full of action in the early levels thrown at you, but once that is out of the way, it grinds to a halt.
This might be down to having to travel back and forth everywhere in a slow moving mech, only to do what is asked of you, to then go back to where you started.
The first mission that finally gave me something to do (below) was what the game had been screaming out for up until that point, but once complete I was back to doing the same mundane “go get this” and “go fix that” jobs that littered the game for the first few hours.
It’s not that the game doesn’t look nice, or it’s done wrong, but there is just something about having a mech that feels nothing more than a way to travel.
I have had a few moments of combat with it, but those are few and far between it seems, so the mech just feels like a wasted piece of metal that can open a few doors and gates that I can’t.
Hopefully this changes the more I play with it.

Getting deeper: Now I was going to write this section of my review while sitting at the end of the game like a champion, but sadly this is not the case.
I sit here with over 10 hours on my game save and I feel quite safe with my feelings about Lost Planet 3.
Now you see earlier in the review I said that maybe Lost Planet 3 was a slow burner, and that things would pick up after a few hours more play, but sadly this has not happened.
I’m still here walking around the game map (now with the ability of a poor man’s fast travel).
I’m still doing missions that do nothing to excite me and nor make me want to crack on with the game at all, which is a shame as it showed a little promise.
I still have my slow mech, albeit with a few fancy upgrades and a radio that has clearly seen life on Ice Road Truckers along the lines, and the games story is nothing short of sleep inducing at times.
The game has had moments of hope though as a few missions have shown me that underneath Lost Planet 3 could have been a fine game.
Sadly these mission have not been frequent enough for me, and will leave you feeling like you’re repeating yourself almost every mission.

Onto combat and Lost planet 3 brings nothing new that will make you feel like your playing something fresh, as the normal guns are abound with the options of upgrades via the gun shop in the game.
Actually aiming at enemies can be a pain as well, as I’ve not come across a lock-on feature when aiming so it tends to leave you spraying and praying a lot on smaller enemies.
Kind of a weak shooting mechanic if you ask me, and I’ve seen far better in even XBLA titles.

Your Rig also has some possible upgrades but you would have thought someone would have given you the power to add a little speed to your metal monster, but sadly they didn’t.
You’re left upgrading your arms to be able to punch in a combo and things like a gas torch that allows you to fix things, so pretty dull for what could have been a badass mech upgrading experience.

The game also has a multiplayer, but my time spent with this gave me nothing to want to return in a hurry.
When loading it up I was met with a 3-on-3 match up with tons of lag and me spawning and dying almost every 20 seconds.
Shoot me if I’m wrong, but that will make any gamer turn off in a hurry.

I’m not a guy who likes writing a harsh review, but I have had no choice this time around sadly.
I know a team have worked hard on this, so always hate being harsh on something that someone has spent a lot of time on, but the facts are that Lost Planet 3 is a poorly made game.
The story is not pulling enough, the combat feels like something out of an old school shooter, and the missions felt like I was back in Shenmue busting my ass off in my forklift truck all over again, but this time not as much fun.
Capcom, please put this series to bed now, as this was surely the final nail in the coffin.

Review: Lost Planet 3 Tony
Replay Value

Summary: The more time I put into the game hoping for the pace to pick up just made it worse when it finally dawned on me that it was not going to happen. Dull MP to boot will see this game in a bargain basket very soon.


Very Poor

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