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Review: Farming Simulator

Since the release of Farming Simulator you’ve probably seen enough farming gags and the words “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester” to last you a lifetime.
At the age of 34, farming has suddenly become interesting to me, but let’s be honest why would I change the life I have at the moment to pull on udders for milk and stepping in cow dung on a daily basis when a game offers me the lazy version.
Farming Simulator has kind of grown to have a cult following since the announcement it was coming to consoles last year, but we all knew going in what to expect, right?

The game itself is what you expect it to be, but since YouTube videos like the one below have done the rounds, certain gamers believe that it might have something special hidden away in the game. Well it doesn’t, alright?

Farming Simulator is your bog standard farming sim, there are no GTA moments of corn drops at the local drop off points ending in a hail of spud gun bullets being shot off before the local Rozzers show up dragging you off to jail.
Tractors don’t have radio stations from the ’80s blowing out Aha Take On Me as you plough a field, but Farming Simulator does exactly what it says on the cover, Farming.

You kick off the game with a few tutorials showing you the basics, but after that you are on your own, You’re left to grow and sell everything you would expect from a farmer as you try your best to be the greatest farmer in the land.
The game offers no story at all, so if you were thinking of missions such as Farmer Giles breaking into your chicken coop with you defending it with just a rake, then I’m sorry to say this will not happen.
After the first few hours it will become rather tedious and boring, just like I imagine real farm work to be, but on the other side of the coin though the game does have a certain “Just another ten minutes” uniqueness to it in a strange type of way.

I’ve been spending a few afternoons and late nights on this over the past few days, and no lie, I have not got anywhere with it.
I crashed a lot of tractors and got them stuck on hills, fences and walls, and I’ve sold a lot of chicken eggs making me next to nothing, but while this may sound a little dull, it has kept me entertained somehow.
There is no doubt in my mind that Farming simulator will be a very Marmite game to all gamers, with some really enjoying what it offers with its almost Minecraft like way of making this land become your own.
That being said it does have some major issues that do becoming rather annoying.

For a console game from what previously was a PC game, the screen can tend to be cluttered up with menus as you grasp to learn what button moves what with all the machines you get to play with.
With tons of machines to play with, the choice of just taking them off via the options, if your a new person to such a series, is not even doable sadly.
Add that on to the screen with the in-game map and a few other things and it can all feel rather messy, and it does take away what small enjoyment the game offers.
Talking about the map and it’s a very basic world that the game takes place in with only a few places of interest that stand out, which if anything you want a world that expects you to partake in hours of play to be nice on the eye, right?

Onto the good parts and the game does offer you tons of things to, but only if you’re willing to put the time into it.
I’ve just completed around 12 hours game-time and I myself have hardly touched the surface with this at all.
The option to grow veg, tend to chickens, cows and sheep are all there waiting for you to play with.
The game also has side missions that tend to always centre around a certain vehicle needing to be used, which will net you some money, which at the end of the day is the main goal in the game.
Tons of fields are at your ploughing mercy, but first you must make the funds to buy them, or if you are running low on money using the bank for a much needed loan.

The town-life itself can become a bit of a pain and an eyesore to look at, with only a handful of people being used seeing the same person walking down a street soon just becomes pointless to even register, and try hitting them and your tractor will ghost right through them.
With cars that seem to love ramming you no matter what, it can also be annoying when you just paid for that expensive tractor only to be rammed up against something and find yourself stuck.
The game’s store is a pain also as rather than having an item sent to where you are you must go pick it up, which can be a pain if it’s slow moving and you need it for a far away field.

Overall Farming Simulator can at times be a nice way to pass some time, but that is all it is good for.
That being said if you have always wanted a decent console farming sim then this is the best out there, as it covers everything you would expect a farming life to be.

Review: Farming Simulator Tony

Summary: Some will love what it offers, others will hate it. I found myself sat there for two hours at a time just wondering why the hell I was wasting precious hours in my life, but at the same time weirdly enjoying it to a point.


Very Marmite

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2 Responses to Review: Farming Simulator

  1. David Guild says:

    I knew this game wouldn’t get a high score but I’m still eager to play this game. Sims games have always been a weakness. But I agree its a game with a cult following and folk will either like it or hate it. Still gonna get this 😀

  2. Alex Porter says:

    I just can’t get over that video! “Stone Cold Killa!” 😛

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