Published on November 22nd, 2013 | by David Guild


XB1 SmartGlass App Is Out Now!

Microsoft has launched their Xbox One SmartGlass app, a day before launch and it’s available on iOS, Windows Phone, Win8 and Android but not on Win7 … sigh. The new SmartGlass will let you interact with the Xbox One all from the power of your phone, tablet or PC allowing you to navigate the consoles UI with your device of chosen, along with control your media and set top box, browse the web through your TV and it will also act as an extension to some games like Dead Rising 3 which will have an exclusive mission where you can call on the help of an airstrike to clear an area of zombies as shown at this years E3. You will also be able to do the usual add friends/followers, track their recent activity and keep track of your achievements.

  • XB1 SmartGlass: IOS

I maybe one of the few but I don’t find much use for the SmartGlass yet, when Microsoft first announced it they promised so much but failed to deliver, hardly any games added support for SmartGlass and if they did it wasn’t worth it. Plus if I’m at my computer or tablet, what ever device I’m using SmartGlass from why would I need to use SmartGlass to interact with my XB1 to surf the net? TV internet is always chunky to use and I have a far better device at my finger tips, also is it easier to control the UI with SmartGlass? I doubt it, especially with a controller which we all have used for years and if Kinect tickles your fancy, waving at the screen or shouting voice commands also does the job. Even if I was so lazy to get off the chair to get my controller and my son wasn’t in hearing distance of my orders to fetch me the controller, I much rather shout at the Xbox saying “Oi! Ya piece of junk, stick on netflix” and in past history the Xbox may do the command or do something completely different. The only possible great thing about SmartGlass is the ability to type messages from your SmartGlass to any of your friends. With no keypad at launch our voiceless friends will either need to use the controllers to send messages or take to their mobile devices, the choose is yours.

What I’m trying to say is, Xbox One SmartGlass is out, and what are your thoughts on the SmartGlass? Love it? Hate it? Or just never used it.

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