Published on October 15th, 2013 | by David Guild


Ubisoft Delays Watch Dogs & The Crew

Ubisoft has announced two of their next major titles will be delayed. Firstly one of the most anticipated titles for current and next generation, Watch Dogs which had an release date of November 19th for North America and 22nd for Europe has now be delayed till Spring 2014! Ubisoft said on their blog they were toying with the idea to delay the game and as the release was getting closer they were starting to see the game as a whole and it became clear they want to delay the title to polish the game and finely tune the game for a “truly memorable and exceptional experience”.

I’m guessing a lot of the gamers will be upset with the news but this will clear up some pennies to save up for that all important Christmas. For a Collector Edition “whore” like myself I was quite worried about November with all the titles coming out, I’m already delaying the purchase of the Xbox One but now I can safely get what I need without saying to the missus her birthday is cancelled. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing anyways, to release a new IP out in November is crazy, you have Assassins Creed 4, Batman Origins, CoD Ghosts plus the two new consoles coming out, plus don’t forget GTA Online is still popular.

Along with Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s MMO racer release date window has now been moved 2nd and 3rd quarter, which is April to September 2014. The Crew which is getting developed by French studio Ivory Tower along with UK’s studio Ubisoft Reflections had an release window of the first few months of 2014. They haven’t gone in to any detail why the game is delay but it does look fantastic, so hopefully it should be a pretty awesome title by time of release.

What are your thoughts on the delays? Happy or sad?

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