Published on May 11th, 2017 | by Gary Mullen


Was TerraTech hinted for consoles release after V1.0?

It has been questioned by a lot of fans of Terratech game, would they bring the game to the consoles, and with a single gif in a reply to a tweet from HGR we are given some hope that it could happen after V1 of Terratech is released on the PC.

Terratech was a game I instantly fell in love with when I got my hands on it at one of the EGX events and even while I was on route home I was busy emailing them asking questions about the game. The concept of the game was simple but fun as you destroyed objects and built up a robot, in turn this allowed you to then take on bigger robots and build up your robot more with the parts of those robots! It was easy for things to just get a little silly with some crazy designs that were just purely unworkable, I remember when playing it myself I may have lost the plot slightly with a few of my designs!

It amazing to think back to the fact that I first reviewed the game back in 2014, which itself speaks volume that am still wanting to talk about the same title and want the title to come over to the consoles (review can be found here if you are interested, a future review will be done when the game hits V1.0 in the future).

So shall we just watch this space for more developments on TerraTech? While we wait I want to repost a picture I took at EGX Rezzed of the 3d printed vehicles from TerraTech as they are awesome!

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Gary Mullen is an avid gamer from the days of C64 up to the latest generation of consoles/computers, for him the most important part of a game is the plot and storyline that drag you in and where you can't stop playing the game till the ending however the exception for the rule is his love of tycoon style games where he has spent far too many hours building his perfect theme park/water park/hospital/prison and so on! He has studied and currently works in the IT support industry with a wide range of IT technology exposure.

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