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Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Turtle Beach have announced a new headset which has been built from the ground up aiming at the high end growing market of eSports. This market has seen key products launch, such as the Xbox Elite controller and this could fit nicely into the same bracket of people who are wanting the best of the best for their gaming.

This headset has several features that simply are not out on current headsets due to it being built from the ground up. For me the comfort factor is going to be key to the success as these gamers are playing for long periods of time and something that feels right will make all the difference. Looking at them it looks like no expense has been spared in the design of this headset. It covers everything from the options to adjust the top band to make it a perfect fit all the way to the cooling gel in the memory foam to allow for longer gaming.

Beyond all of these points however for me the biggest thing about this is that its designed to work with people with glasses so there are groves for the legs of the glasses. This is something that annoys me with other headsets. So it’s something that I will personally be keeping an eye on as I do prefer to wear a headset whilst playing games but the comfort has not always been there for me.

ComforTec Fit System – A revolutionary adjustment system allowing players to truly personalize the fit of the headset to their preference. This includes unique tension controls to adjust the tightness of the headset, plus a floating headband that perfectly distributes the Elite Pro Headset’s weight across the head, and a separate head-size adjustment – all combined to allow gamers independent control of the ear-cup position and headband tension for the first time ever.

Aerofit Ear Cushions – Where groundbreaking material technologies combine to provide the best of both worlds when it comes to competitive gaming and comfort. The ear pads are wrapped in smooth Asahi spandex fabric combined with unique cooling gel-infused memory foam that keeps players cooler for longer. Additionally, separate internal and external leather sidewalls on the ear-cups isolate the acoustic chambers for better sound while blocking out external noise like the roar of the crowd.

Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone – A breakthrough active noise-cancelling microphone built for eSports. Add the Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone to the Elite Pro Headset and A.C. for game-changing chat performance that isolates the high-sensitivity microphone from the roar of the crowd.

Elite Pro Tactical Audio Adapter for Xbox One – Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro Tactical Audio Adapter for Xbox One offers players features including Superhuman Hearing, Dynamic Chat Boost™, Bass Boost, Mic Monitoring and Turtle Beach’s signature audio presets.

Elite Pro A.M.P. for PlayStation®4 – The Elite Pro A.M.P. for PlayStation 4 is the perfect home gaming companion to the Turtle Beach Elite Headset, adding powerful amplified audio from your PS4™ or PS3™ console, plus Microphone Monitoring so you can hear your own voice in the headset to avoid shouting.

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