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Top Three games Of 2013 by the HGR Team

The team get together as we each pick three games from this year that made it into the holy grail of our top 3 GAMES OF THE YEAR 2013.

Be sure to let us know your top three in the comments below, and a merry xmas to you all.

Tony’s top three:

Number 3 – Assassin’s Creed 4 : Black Flag
What’s not to love about this game? it has all the fun of previous Assassin Creed games with the added bonus of being a blooming pirate.
The amount of time you loose just by doing pointless things that are not even side quests gives the game value for money.
Review here.

Number 2 – Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
This one slips in as I love my shooters, and playing this will take you back to the 80’s when the action movie was the coolest thing on the planet.
Neon lights and dinosaurs!!!!!!!!! I need not type any other reason why you need this game in your life.
Review here.

Number 1 – Brothers: A tale of two sons
A shock to all of the people lucky enough to play this I think would be the correct thing to say.
Another XBLA classic that also had a very unique control system, that you only sort of take notice of once you’re forced to take notice.
For me It ranks right up there with other great XBLA games like The Walking Dead series, so try it now.
Review here.


Porter’s Top Three:

Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection
While this collection of Metal Gear Solid games contains no actual games that were released this year, the collection itself was released during 2013 and deserves a place in my top 3 as it brought together the entire of the Metal Gear Solid series, obviously excluding MGS5. The collection includes Metal Gear 1 and 2, Metal Gear Solid 1 through 4, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, and the Metal Gear Solid 1 VR Missions. The Metal Gear franchise is a fantastic series and is ranked within my all time favourites games series. This collection simply brings together the bulk of the franchise in to one set with the series’ signature gameplay, characters and story elements. This is one collection for both fans of the series and newcomers alike!

Metal Gear Rising Revengence
Metal Gear Rising Revengence was released back in February of this year and introduced new gameplay elements to the Metal Gear franchise. We saw the return of Raiden, one of Metal Gear’s most well known characters and we were able to play as him and unleash his ninja abilities. We were introduced to a new story spin-off for the series as well as a new side to the Raiden that fans knew from MGS2 and 4. This game brought a fresh approach to the usual Metal Gear style with the gameplay featuring more hack-n-slash gameplay than stealth. This is a game worth trying out whether or not you are a fan of the Metal Gear series. Despite its short campaign, this game is pure fun to play on easy but still challenging when the difficulty is beefed up!

Battlefield 4
Despite the mass of problems that Battlefield 4 has had since launch, it has managed to make its way into my top three! When this game works… it works! The multiplayer is solid with none stop action on the huge maps with dozens of vehicles causing havoc, this game really benefits from 64-player matches. The general multiplayer gameplay is both fun and challenging and will be enough to keep me interested for a while to come. The single player portion is the usual FPS campaign affair with generally linear levels filled with plenty of explosive action and lens flares but is thoroughly enjoyable. This is definitely a game to play for the multiplayer with a few friends!


Andy’s Top Three:

Tomb Raider
Lara is back! After an absence, and not playing a Tomb Raider game properly since the 90’s I loved the recent reboot. Jumping and barrel rolling with joy in fact as the story was solid, characters fleshed out and action moments were exciting and tense. The controllers have been refined so much in the 10 or more years since the early games that they now feel granular and smooth. No more having to line up jumps exactly as you can throw the character around with reckless abandonment with confidence and without plummeting to your death – too much. A young fresh Lara in a real grown-up Croft adventure.

Bioshock Infinite
Not really being enraptured with Bioshock 1 and 2’s Rapture, I went out on a limb and picked up Bioshock Infinite on a whim. From minute one I was intrigued with the character of Booker DeWitt and the drip feeding of his back story and that of the magnificent flying city of Columbia. Story, pace and voice work are excellent as are some of the cloud vista’s and break neck skyhook rides through the turn of the century buildings and sights of the city. Anecdotes from the characters and inconsistencies in the world all flesh out the story and the world beautifully to the extent that when the mysteries (plural) start to be uncovered it all makes sense …kinda.

Last of Us
As I don’t own a Playstation 3, I was intrigued with what Naughty Dog’s Last of Us was all about so sought out an amiable friend and invested myself …fully. So much so I packed the family up, shipped them out and time was booked off work. I’ve not played a game with so much enthusiasm over such a short period since I was a teenager. In the days that followed I was gripped and horrified the route Ellie and Joel took to it’s somber conclusion. Times the game can be gut wrenching as every punch, stab and shot is delivered with so much gusto it can make you wince.  I tough call, but this was my game of the year. Well done Naughty Dog.


PJ’S list
2013, The year I learned to surf, Discovered the wonder of Video Game High School (Go watch it now, it’s on Netflix!) and got my Gamerscore tantilisingly close to 200k (Currently 190505). But it is/was/will be (Depending on when you’re reading this) a great year for games as well, that said, lets give you a glance at my top three…

In third place…

Rayman Legends.
What a game, if you take one part eye popping graphics, one part classic hard as nails platforming, add a Disney soundtrack and sprinkle adorableness over everything you have this game. Great fun in single player, even more so in multiplayer (points to ‘Kung Foot’ an afterthought minigame that nearly cost me my best friend due to the amount of arguments we had over it!) rarely have I been so happy playing every single level of a game, knocked down to third due to two almost unobtainable cheap achievements but still a contender and a great stocking filler.

In second place…

Assassin’s Creed IV.
“In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!”

Controversial… The Assassin’s Creed series gets a lot of stick these days, what with the plot now being more complicated than trying to explain the plot of Inception to a cat while high on Ketamine a lot of fans have left the series to find a new franchise more deserving of their love. But going in to AC4 and treating it as an amazing pirate simulation it really delivers, from boarding ships and epic sea battles to sneaking around forts and hiding in hay bales, the game improves on it’s original ideas by introducing famous pirates, a pretty good plot and giving you four guns. Loses out on the top spot due to it’s multiplayer which may have more customisation options than a box of lego but still doesn’t seem to work as well as it could.

In first place…

Bioshock Infinite.
“Are you afraid of God?”

“No, But i’m afraid of you”

Few games take you on such an incredible journey into a beautiful world as it falls down around you, throw in a healthy dose of time travel, gunplay, flying around areas on overhead skyrails and Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ and you have by a clear margin my game of the year. Part RPG, Part FPS with elements of humour, horror, adventure and romance rarely has there been a game that has made me play non stop in one session to find out how it all ends. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a barbershop version of ‘God Only Knows’ by the beach boys, What more could you possibly want?


David’s Top Three:

I grabbed this bargain from Steam in its famous Summer Sale for £3 and I’ve had more fun with this wee title compared to any triple A game that has released in the past two years. Developed by one man, Tom Francis who is an editor for PC Gamer, you play as Richard Conway, a freelance spy with a “Private Dick” feel about him. You take on various of missions to infiltrate buildings for clients. One of the main abilities you have is able to jump to great heights with these special “Bullfrog” hypertrousers, and rewire electrical circuits using the Crosslink Tool. I couldn’t help giggle during the conversations you have with clients as it can go in to directions, serious or on a lighter note, either way the game is well worth the pennies and hopefully once Christmas is over I’ll get some game play up and maybe a wee review.

Ducktales Remastered: I couldn’t have a top 3 without Ducktales, while reviewing the WayForward title I had this massive grin on my face. I loved the original title and as always, the greatest fear to any retro gamer is when they hear one of the classics are having a face lift but this is one of those times where it has worked out well! Everything from the original game is there with a lick of HD paint and the brilliant soundtrack has been updated but can still make you smile with memories of your childhood. If all game remakes were more like this I would be a happier man.

Saints Row IV
Saints Row was probably the only major title I played this year for consoles and PC and to say that, this wasn’t even the best Saints Row game. This fell in to the shadow of the 3rd game and while this felt very repetitive I still couldn’t put the controller down till I finished it all. I didn’t enjoy having the super powers all the time but for me it was the comedy value of the game that kept me coming back for more. The humor in the last two games have had me giggling non stop and even now I can replay the last mission of Saints Row IV and sit with the biggest smile on my face and to me that’s what gaming is all about, remembering a moment which is pretty awesome and Saints Row did that with one song and few lines of dialogue.  You got the touch!!!

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