Published on October 22nd, 2013 | by Andy King


Titanfall Drops In On PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 March 11th (Plus New Gameplay)

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have officially confirmed that fast-paced future mech warfare FPS Titanfall is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 this March 11th in North America (March 13th for Europe).

A collectors edition has also been announced comprising of the an art book, full size Titan schematic poster and a snazzy 18″ LED lit statue. This edition is is expected to set folks back around $249 (£155)!

To accompany the news, we’ve also been treated to a new multiplayer gameplay trailer to try and tide us.

For more news on Titanfall, keep checking back at Honest Games Reviews or take a look at the official game website.


Update: On the Titanfall store it has been confirmed that the Collectors Edition will cost €299.99 EUR, £249.99 GBP, and $399.99 AUD.



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12 Responses to Titanfall Drops In On PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 March 11th (Plus New Gameplay)

  1. David Guild says:

    The CE is to priccy really, especially that UK getting taxed an extra £100 on their edition. Its cheaper for me to buy it from the states and get it shipped over. Could save £50 to £80 doing that.

  2. Andy Bell says:

    Wow! really that much! when David Guild quotes a CE as expensive, the developers should take note!

  3. Andy King says:

    If they bundle some DLC/season pass (which you know they’ll plan to release) with it …may be tempted.

  4. Robert Young says:

    This is the only game I played on next gen at euro gamer that made me want to buy next gen, it’s amazing fun… That said 155£ at conversion, you know it will be more, is lunacy.

    David will still buy it though!

    • Andy King says:

      Agreed, however someone raised a good point that importing the game may be a good way to get the price down (as the Xbox One will be region free).

    • David Guild says:

      Noooooo, I wish i really could but I be getting my XB1 that month and can’t afford that much unless its comes to a online retailer in the UK which I can pay in full on release, which will be next months money.

      But yea I did say on twitter that it is probably cheaper to import the game via the States, its a hit or a miss if you get hit by taxes but it may work out cheaper still. I could probably save £50 to £80. If you know someone out there it be even better as all you got to do is change the customs to gift and ofc it be coming from a home address and should clear customs easier without extra charges.

      Yea its hand crafted but in which country? My Dead Island bust was hand painted and I paid less plus it wasn’t all that impressive, with the paint is peeling. Crysis statue I got was £150 i think and its pretty awesome along with a 17″ laptop bag.

      The statue is awesome but I’ve got so many like it with just as good detail and size for alot cheaper. Plius

  5. Andy Bell says:

    yeah he will still buy it!.. and if there are two sorts he will buy them too!.. on a good note Dave will always have a couple of copy’s spare!

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