Published on June 12th, 2016 | by Scot Mackay


Titanfall 2 First Look

Titanfall 2 has finally been officially revealed in all its glory and it…is…glorious.

With 6 new Titans taking to the battlefield and a wealth of customisation options to kit out your ride and your pilot and possibly more importantly, a single player story mode this is shaping up to be a fairly exciting experience.

Whilst I poured hundreds of hours into the original title, it was obvious that it was hampered by limited gameplay options and had an almost generic base of tactics that stopped it from transitioning from great to astronomically phenomenal.

Through avid discussion, some of the chaps and I agree that it seems the original Titanfall may have been a test, a pre-tech experiment designed to push the limits of the gamer by testing their reactions and creativity in using the hyper mobile pilot jump packs to navigate different routes through each of the warzones. To obtain the perfect balance of Pilot and Titan gameplay to not make one overpower the other whilst keeping the game fast, frantic and furious.


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Titanfall 2 seems to build on this solid base by maintaining the hyper-mobile action but gives the player new and exciting ways to dispatch their foes. This could range from your pilot using a grapple hook to snatch other pilots out of the air and quite possibly (but not yet seen) to help manoeuvre around the map. I’m thinking in the same way Batman used his grapple-hook to boost his glide distance in the Arkham series.

There is also the addition of new Titan weapons. Swords have been shown, a red beam weapon that seems to drain power from the other Titan and a whole host of new Titan Takedown animations really give each combat situation a unique feel. As long as there is plenty of these to keep things looking different, it will most certainly help the replayability of Titanfall.

This is the game FPS fans have been waiting for and the game that other FPS titles have been attempting to copy. More guns, more Titans, more abilities, more structured and more customisation.

Are you ready for Titanfall 2?

I am.



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