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Steam Celebrates 10 Years Today

PC Digital platform Steam has hit 10 years of being live today. Although launched in 2003 with some smaller games, it hit the big time in 2004 with the launch of Half Life 2. Customers had the chance to pre-load the game after buying, which meant it would be unlocked and playable the moment it was released. This was quite a moment as at the time, digital distribution barely existed in any large scale, but Steam made it extremely simple for the first time.

Since then it has continued to revolutionise services and delivery within gaming by being the first to implement some major features that have gone on to become widespread essentials in gaming, no matter the platform. Features such as Steamworks (open APIs to allow games to directly integrate into the platform), automatic updating, Overlay (Use core features like chat, settings, web browser while remaining in game), Workshop (User created content into certain retail games and a marketplace around this), Greenlight (Independent games that community vote on to become published on the platform) and now Family Sharing (Ability to share games with family and close friends with no restrictions other than unable to play at the same time).

It has also branched out to support Linux, OSX and PS3 and with Portal 2, began cross platform play between PC and PS3. Recently it has also started hosting software and digital magazines, in addition to games.

If you haven’t used it before, I highly recommend it as the go-to place for PC gaming. It is a joy to use and has everything Xbox Live and PS Plus have and more. It also has superb sales multiple times each year.

So, congratulations to Valve for making 10 years with Steam and I’m sure we all look forward to many more years of enjoyment!

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