Published on September 19th, 2013 | by David Guild


New Humble Weekly Sale & Indie Bundle 9

Humble has announced their newest weekly sale which has gone live today and earlier this week their new Indie Bundle 9 has also gone live! Both bundles have awesome titles to bulk up your steam collection, and as always, the Indie Bundle also comes with DRM-Free packages.

The Humble Weekly Sale features games from Egosoft and its near enough the entire collection of the X series games which is a sci-fi space trading and combat simulator series. The games feature free roaming gameplay with trading, combat, empire building and missions. If you enjoyed Freelancer, Wing Commander or the Elite series, this is a must buy. The standard collection comes with X: Beyond The Frontier, X-Tension, X2: The Threat and X3: Reunion but why settle for that when you can pay just $6.00 or more to unlock the add-on packs to this great series because with Humble you can play what you want for this collection, just make it over $6 to get all the games plus soundtracks and you will not only be supporting the developer but charity too.


Next up is the Humble Indie Bundle 9, this is Humbles main sale and bundle this is where they help raise the big bucks! Pay what you want to get 4 great games but pay over $4.75 and you will not only just get an extra 6 six games, but also 9 game soundtracks! These aren’t just any games either, Fez, Limbo, Bastion, Mark of the Ninja and Trine all had their light on console and PC and are great sellers and great collection of games and worthy of a space on anyone’s game collection but also Brutal Legend makes an appearance. With all Humble Bundles, yo can choose where the money goes, the developer, charity and the Humble Tip. So please give as much as you can. Plus I highly recommend FTL: Faster Than Light, a great game.


I fully support Humble, they give everyone a chance to play some great games for a great price and they help a amazing charity which should be close to every gamers heart, Child’s Play. Granted it’s an American charity but still its a great cause. They have also helped UK charity Special Effect in their last bundle. So why not beef up your steam collection with some of these beauty’s and support a good cause.

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  1. Alex Porter says:

    Picked both of these up as soon as they were available, always do with the Humble Bundles. 🙂 Now I just need to find time around uni and GTA V to actually play them! 😛

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