Published on October 10th, 2013 | by Alex Porter


GTA V For PC Supposedly Due To Release Early 2014

Eurogamer reports that according to several ‘industry sources’, the latest entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA V, is due for a PC release in early 2014. While Rockstar themselves have said little in regards to a PC release of the game, no doubt there will be as there is certainly enough demand for the series to continue being available on the platform.

If true, Rockstar are taking a similar approach to its release as they did with GTA IV by releasing  for consoles followed by a PC release several months later. Having recently broken 6 Guinness World Records and garnering high review scores, GTA V will no doubt be very popular amongst PC gamers with the potential for mods unavailable to console gamers.

Personally I believe a PC release is inevitable. GTA V has been a huge success for Rockstar and a PC release will only increase the game’s success. Although I currently have the game on the Xbox 360, I will probably pick it up for PC at a later date anyway! Have any of you guys been holding out on a PC release of the game? Enjoying the console version? Let us know!

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3 Responses to GTA V For PC Supposedly Due To Release Early 2014

  1. James Hart says:

    There’s code been found for PS4 and PC configurations a while back, as you said it’s inevitable and they wanted to release before the new ones come out as a final huge money maker, then release again on the new ones after they’ve had time to tweak and improve.

  2. David Guild says:

    Rockstar are a hit or miss for PC users. Which is a shame because the modding work on the other GTAs are great. No idea why they don’t show much love for the PC guys. Red Dead never came to PC sadly

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