Published on November 19th, 2013 | by David Guild


Ouya To Get A White Special Edition

Ouya has announced that they will be bringing out a Limited Edition white version of their self titled micro console, that will be released just in time for Christmas. The console will cost $129, which will probably mean if it comes out in Europe it will cost around about £129 … Anyhow another small change to the system will be the 16GB internal flash storage, which is double than its older brother. Apart from the colour and the storage increase the system is pretty much the same as the original Ouya.


I do have to admit the system looks pretty in white and I wouldn’t mind replacing mine for this. Even the controller looks a lot better and not so cheap looking, of course this is just a picture and probably in hand it will just feel the same as the original controller. Whats your guys opinion? Nice in white, or is this to little to late?

The system had quite a few hiccups since the release, with backers of the Kickstarter not getting their console for quite some time and their Free the Games Fund which came under fire earlier this year when developers who created Kickstarters had their games fulled backed but with a low number of backers pledging high amounts of cash,. With more investigation into this some of the accounts used duplicate names, avatars of celebrities, and one backers identity appeared to be taken from a missing persons case. Apart from all that Ouya has to deal with rivals appearing left, right and center from the likes of the GameStick and MadCatz M.O.J.O. They should put their heads down and focus on their next system which is seemly in the works. They have listened to the folks opinion on how the system has less grunt than a high spec phone and are planning to beef up their next version and improve on the quality of their controllers.

Plus the system’s interface is getting a brand new look which is planned to release by the end of the month, this will make it easier to discover new games, plus introduce support from USB storage devices which I thought already did, and the ablitiy to download and add games to the queue from a web interface. Shinny shinny!

If ya fancy bagging yerself a limited edition Ouya head over to the official store, any pre-orders by the 8th of December will be delivered by the 25th, just in time for Christmas. Or your can wait it out as seemly it will be on Amazon soon! Also if ya fancy hearing more about the Ouya, I’m in the middle of writing up my thoughts about the system, and a couple videos unboxing it and showing off the interface. So keep checking back!

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