Published on October 24th, 2013 | by Andy King


NVIDIA getting in on Xbox One and PS4’s reply sharing with ShadowPlay

NVIDIA has released details of it’s new ShadowPlay software for all GTX 600 and 700 series graphics cards. The new beta software will be added into GeForce’s “Experience” application (the tool which manages driver versions, game optimizations etc.) and will sit in the background of your system to allow recordings of up to the last 20-minutes of gameplay (doing so at a low level, utilizing an on-board H.264 encoder). To prevent your hard drive from piling up with large video files, videos are not created automatically only saving clips when you press a special hot key. These file’s can then be edited and/or upload to the internet for bragging rights (no more people missing your epic 360 no scope triple head shots!).

A similar system is being introduced for the next generation consoles (Xbox One will record up t0 5 minutes of gameplay, while the PlayStation 4 system up to 15 minutes), but this is a first for the PC. PC games traditionally in the past have had to rely on an external device (which can be costly) or record as you go (can impact game performance).

The beta update gets added to the GeForce Experience 1.7 application (available via October 28th.

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4 Responses to NVIDIA getting in on Xbox One and PS4’s reply sharing with ShadowPlay

  1. James Hart says:

    Good that we have an integrated tool on PC now, not having to rely on fraps or similar software. Gutted I can’t use it though as I only have a 560ti 🙁 Guess I’ll have to wait till maybe getting a 800 series next year!

  2. David Guild says:

    It is surprising that we haven’t seen this in PCs alot earlier. I know there is some hardware devices what can do it but for me its just weird that console did the first step to bring it to the general public. Sadly I’m only still running my old 450s and a 8800, I was suppose to give the old work horse an upgrade last year but money was tight. Fingers crossed for this year though lol.

  3. GaryMull86 says:

    dont understand why it only available on those version of chipset, my 285GTX would be able to handle it if they enabled the feature but clearly they trying to force people to upgrade graphics cards (even if i had the option to dedicate the second chipset soley to this feature instead of my telly when playing games or something as it a dual chipset graphics card)

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