Published on November 13th, 2013 | by Andy King


No 3D Blu-Rays on Xbox One …For Now

CNET have confirmed that although Microsoft’s next generation console the Xbox One will allow you to watch Blu-Rays, it won’t have the support to playback 3D Blu-Rays -albeit at this time. Although 3D is still a minority at the moment in many homes, some gamers may look to Sony’s new console (the PlayStation 4) as an alternative. Those folks should be wary as Sony has been quiet on the subject, only stating in it’s official FAQ that the device will play 3D games (no mention of media). Currently Sony’s PS3 allows owners to both play games and watch films in 3D.

Although retailers have started that interest in 3D TV’s are falling, with so much progress in the realm of glasses-free 3D, we can’t say that the technology will never grow.

Thank you CNET.

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5 Responses to No 3D Blu-Rays on Xbox One …For Now

  1. GaryMull86 says:

    3d is slowly dying, i bought a 3d tv back in April, used it twice in 6 months, it a lot of faffing about if you want to watch a film, you need to get the glasses out, make sure they have batteries, make sure there not too much sun coming in or it screw the image up

    where as in 2d pics, you stick the disk in, hit play, you need to pause it to get something your not walking around like an idiot with a pair of shaded glasses on

  2. James Hart says:

    If they are saying “at this time” then it probably means the drive is capable and they can just provide a software update to enable it. So it seems odd why they just wouldn’t just support it out of the box.

    Either way though, if 3D actually made a big difference like HD did, perhaps more companies would be behind it in a bigger way.

    • Andy King says:

      Reading a few articles, it looks like (don’t ask me how) that allowing the device to use 3D can open up the console to exploits. Exploits lead to all sorts of shenanigans that these big companies don’t like.

  3. Andy King says:

    As an update to this article, Sony have also advised that the PS4 won’t have 3D media playback at launch.

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