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Nintendo’s New Limited Edition 3DS

We don’t touch on Nintendo as much as we should and why not?! They are the legends in the gaming world and they want and need some loving from us gamers, so I promise I’ll try and post as much news I can and even try to review a Nintendo game as soon as. Pinky promise?

Anyways lets start with news that tickles my fancy’s, Limited Editions! Yep its kinda old new this but Nintendo will be releasing a Limited Edition ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’ 3DS XL over here in Europe at a cost of £199.99 and will be released along side the game itself on November 22nd, the handheld will also include a download code for A Link Between Worlds.

The new LE 3DS rocks a gold colour casing on top with black being on the bottom side. Each side will have the Triforce logo emblazoned and when the console is opened the double Triforce logo of the game will be formed! I got to admit it kinda pulls at my heart strings, I always enjoyed the old Zelda games and just recently claimed my sons 3DS as my own but I have noticed that it doesn’t sit comfy in my hands. I was looking to buy the 2DS but maybe an XL 3DS will be better suited for my needs.

Nintendo also confirmed for anyone buying the boxed version of the new Zelda game, the cover will be reversible so you can choose between the classic gold or full colour. This will suit any new comer or retro fans, personally gold all the way!

But wait! That’s not all, we are still playing catch up here, if you head to the Nintendo Store, you will be able to catch an eye at their exclusive Limited Edition 3DS XL … LUGI!!!!! Yep it surely is the year of Lugi and he is getting all the love he can get with a brand new 3DS XL console all for him. This is to celebrate his 30th anniversary in videogaming. It really looks brilliant and dare I say … better looking than the Zelda LE? What do you think?

Check out the Nintendo 3DS XL Lugi Special Edition here! Exclusive to Nintendo store, which was released on 1st of November for £179.99 and if you fancy being the hero of Hyrule why not check out the link here to Nintendo Store page for the Limited Edition Zelda 3DS XL at the price of £199.99 which is due to release on the 22nd this month.

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2 Responses to Nintendo’s New Limited Edition 3DS

  1. Nikmou says:

    Why would the adapters not be included? I’ve got to admit the zelda one looks pretty awesome but I don’t actually like the size of the 3DSXL, I much prefer the smaller one.

    • David Guild says:

      Yea not sure about the adapters, I don’t own a 3DSXL so maybe that its using a usb cable instead? I’ll have to ask the guys at GAME.

      I’ve never got to hold a XL before, but I been playing Zelda Links Awaken lately and like the vita I can’t use it for a long time as my hands are just to big I guess. So may look in to trying a XL out.

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