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Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD gets Hero Mode

For those of you that plan on getting the HD remake of Wind Waker and will be looker for a harder challenge in the game will be pleased to know that a new mode has been added to provide that challenge, hero mode.


Detailed by Polygon, the new hero mode will be available straight from the start of the game alongside normal mode. The challenges within hero mode come in the form of enemies being able to deal double damage and no hearts to be found within the game world. With no hearts about the only way to gain health is to use potions or find the health giving fairies. The lack of health combined with double damage dealing enemies means that hero mode should provide a real challenge for players, an extra mode its nice to see included in the game for those experienced in playing Wind Waker or those just looking for a little more, or rather a lot more, of a challenge.

Hero mode is not the only new feature coming to Wind Waker HD. Early on in the game players can purchase the swift sail, an item that not only allows players to sail faster but also to change direction at will rather than having to change wind direction. This should make sailing between islands a lot easier for players, through the original controlling of the wind option for getting around is still in the game.

You can also switch to a first person camera view for the game now, as listed by My Nintendo News, which allows for full movement and the firing of arrows although you can’t use your sword or throw bombs. A final important change is to a quest found in the later parts of the game in which you have to collect Triforce pieces. Five of the pieces you need can be collected directly without needing maps translating which should make this part easier, I myself got stuck here in my first play through back on the Game Cube so am very glad to see this change.

Its great to see that the game is shaping up to not just be an incredible looking HD overhaul, some of the changes coming sound to be adding great new game play to an already great game.


Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD will be available this October for Wii U. Who plans on giving Hero Mode a go then? Any changes you would like to see from the original?







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