Published on September 13th, 2013 | by David Guild


James Pond Kickstarter Is Coming!

Chris Sorrell, the original designer of James Pond has expressed his opinion about creating a Kickstarter to gather funds to create an entirely new James Pond for modern machines. He is hoping to launch the Kickstarter campaign on the 20th of September to bring back our fishy hero who’s last game was developed 20 years ago, that’s if we don’t include the horrible 2011 iOS game James Pond in the Deathly Shallows.

For all you ‘youngins’, James Pond was a popular platform game which spawned 2 sequels and a spin off. While James Pond, 1/2/3 all made it on the major consoles, only one of them had great success to live on and was ported to Sony’s Playstation 1/2 and PSN, it also saw some light on Nintendo’s DS. James Pond 2 Codename Robocod was the most successful title in the series and its the game I still play to this day on my Amiga and Gameboy Colour. Any fans of the UK edition of James Pond 2 will remember the massive in game product placement of McVitie’s Penguin Biscuit, it was actually one of the first games to do this kind of advertising.

While the game was an amazing title for its generation, how would the game evolve in this time era? Remakes aren’t a new thing and it has been increasingly popular over the last few years with most recently Ducktales Remastered and Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusions. Is James Pond worth a remake? Click here for the official twitter page and click here for the official facebook page. I’ll post the video below with Chris Sorrell and keep an eye out on the 20th this month for the Kickstarter to launch.


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