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James Pond Kickstarter Has Ended Early

Just 15 mins ago, the folk behind the James Pond kickstarter ended the campaign early. Gameware Europe ended their campaign with 12 days to go, they only reached £16,000 of there large target of £100,000. They have said themselves that there was no point on going on and it was clear they wouldn’t meet their goal. Sadly it wasn’t a success for a few reasons and when the kickstarter went up, I had a lot of issues with the campaign. Mainly from what I noticed from the YouTube video that I first posted up a couple weeks ago had Chris Sorrell the original designer, basically saying he wanted folk to get behind him and create a new story for our fishy hero but when the Kickstarter went up, he wasn’t on the team and Gameware would of needed to raise an extra £30k to get Chris on board. So in the end the original guy wasn’t even on the team, just to give his support.

In the statement made on the Kickstarters campagin page he states a few truths …

“There’s actually only 2 of us. There’s Jeremy, Mr. Gameware and owner of James Pond. There’s myself PJ, brought in as project manager and guy with his hands on the campaign. Of course Chris, Pond’s original designer, agreed to support us from over in Canada, but his time was very limited.”

That was always my first worry, 2nd up was they had nothing to show, no concept just ideas from the previous games and art work from them. Nothing new and no tech demo.

“Finally we humbly acknowledge that you all deserve to see more evidence of what we might do to make the game, and recognize that what we had wasn’t enough.”

I think with this early attempt, and the poor way Gameware Europe has set this up may have damaged future attempts in getting a new James Pond on our screens any time soon. They will need to come in with a full team with some sort of concept art and maybe some work done on the game. Granted they are a small studio and wanted the fans to create the game but you need to have something to show to hook old and new fans, especially if you say this is a game of passion and not trying to jump on the bandwagon of old games getting remade. A lot of old fans will blindly jump on the campaign just with pure love of the game but as shown this isn’t enough. Folk want to see some start of a product to follow it more.

We still have the remake of James Pond 2 getting developed by System 3 which should be released next year.

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