Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Gary Mullen


Hauppauge To Release Portable HDPVR

Hauppauge’s latest HD PVR called the Rocket, launches tomorrow exclusively for Maplin (timed exclusive – see not just games that pull that trick!) good news is the price point of this device which comes with the very nice price of £139.99.

The device itself does offer one very impressive feature of recording commentary on the fly when playing the game which is something the current model really needed! Comparing the size of the current model it seems very small but yet still manages to handle the 1080p output from the consoles and once again we see the return of the button to start the record which is ideal when the PVR box is not directly next to the PC or console.

I already own a HD PVR2 which is a very solid device and am not convinced if the jump is large enough to make me sell mines on eBay and upgrade however there is offer to upgrade the old PVR to the PVR2 directly on Hauppauge website so this may come in the future for the rocket as well.

“HD PVR Rocket is the ultimate portable video recorder: it is small enough to fit in your hand and weights just 130 grams and complementing the next generation console’s in-built gameplay sharing features by adding a huge amount of recording flexibility

What’s more, the HD PVR Rocket also has a built-in audio mixer so that gamers can record game commentary along with game audio. The in-built audio mixer will allow the addition of live commentary or background music over game audio by simply attaching a microphone, headset or mp3 player.  A touch sensitive control panel situated next to the recording button adjusts the input volume and also features audio-level monitor, bass boost, audio-level lock and mute button.

Any game system which uses either HDMI video without HDCP or uses component video can be recorded with HD PVR Rocket, including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PlayStation3, WiiU and PC based game systems. Sony has announced the PS4 will also have game play recordable through the HDMI port.

HD PVR Rocket is available in the UK at launch exclusively to Maplin on the highstreet, but also available online priced at £139.99. It starts shipping November 20th.

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