Published on November 5th, 2013 | by David Guild


Dragonball Z:Battle of Z Gets A ‘Goku Edition’

I’m not ashamed to admit I buy certain Collector’s Editions for the toys inside instead of the game, my most latest one being CoD: Ghosts! Not a fan of the game but love the toys ya get inside. Well yesterday I saw some awesome news popped up with another one of those Collector’s Editions! I was and maybe not so much now a big anime fan, something about it makes me smile ear to ear and I can still feel like a kid.

While it was the Anime/Manga movies that got me in to the Japanese animation scene it was Dragonball Z that got me in to watching the anime TV series’s. Dragonball Z is probably one of the most famous ones and it ran for years and spawned movies both Animation and the more forgettable Hollywood version. Plus the Dragonball series has had a lot of games through out the generations, from the Gameboys to Playstation and has ended up on our current generation of 360, PS3 and the Wii.

Probably 90% of the games are of the fighting genre and while not my favorite, I do tend to buy the games due to my fanboy obsession of the Dragonball series, I even named our first two family cats after 2 characters of the series, Goku and Chi Chi, I did try to name my son Goku but for some weird reason the missus wasn’t having any of it. Anyways we are drifting from the point, developer ARTDINK is releasing a new Dragonball Z game called the Battle of Z and will be releasing a Collectors Edition called ‘Goku Edition’.


Namco Bandai, the publisher of the game is bundling the game with a 25cm exclusive figurine of the main hero Goku in his Super Saiyan form. It will also come with a art book and in game content in the form of a Naruto Sage’s Costume for Goku.

While I probably try and play the game, it won’t be the reason why I brought the game mainly, as previously said I love the show and this Edition is right up my alley. For more information, hit up but the site from what I’ve seen so far doesn’t have a price but has an release date of 24th of January for Europe while North America will have to wait till 28th of January.

Perfect addition for any anime fan out there!

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