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Disney Infinity Announce Power Discs

I’m so old that I remember a game called Pogs (Yes Twitter,I did call them pugs) back in my younger days.
These small round coins with just a simple a image on were a massive hit in playgrounds in the UK , but why am I telling you this I hear you cry? then hush and read on.
The release of Disney Infinity is getting closer and closer to its release on August 18th, but news came about yesterday of yet more things that will add to the full game.

Power discs are the latest thing that will put even more deepness into that ever growing hole in your purse or wallet come release if you have kids or are an adult with a child like imagination
Power discs come in a few shapes and sizes and are discs that can be scanned into the game and unlock what ever item is on that disc for you to play with.
These discs will give you such things as new gadgets, New worlds, Powers, and even vehicles.
You can find the full list of discs below via the handy press release.

“Starting at launch, the power discs will be available in blind packs of two for $4.99, making these collectable and tradable discs, a must have to enhance your Disney Infinity experience”.

Circular Discs
Bolt’s Super Strength – Character that you’re playing with does 10% more damage
Fix It Felix’s Repair Power – Character you’re playing with has 20% more health
C.H.R.O.M.E’s Armor Shield – In-game character receives -10% less damage
Pieces of Eight – In-game character gains 10% more loot

Hexagonal Discs
Mickey’s Car – Drive Mickey’s Jalopy in the Toy Box
Cinderella’s Coach – Drive Cinderella’s Carriage in the Toy Box
Kahn– Ride Kahn the Horse from “Mulan” in the Toy Box
Stitch’s Blaster – In-game character gets Stitch’s blaster from “Lilo and Stitch”
Carl Fredericksen’s Cane – In-game character gets Carl’s cane from “Up”
Sugar Rush
King Candy’s Dessert Toppings Texture Set– Adds a “Sugar Rush” theme from “Wreck-it-Ralph” to Toy Box terrain objects
Sugar Rush Sky Skydome – Adds a “Sugar Rush” theme from “Wreck-it-Ralph” to the Toy Box sky
Alice in Wonderland
Alice’s Wonderland Texture Set – Adds an “Alice in Wonderland” (animated film) theme to Toy Box terrain objects
Tulgey Wood Skydome – Adds an “Alice in Wonderland” (animated film) theme to Toy Box sky
Finding Nemo
Marlin’s Reef Texture Set– Adds a “Finding Nemo” theme to the Toy Box terrain objects
Nemo’s Seascape Skydome – Adds a “Finding Nemo” theme to the Toy Box sky
Tangled Lantern
Rapunzel’s Kingdom Texture Set – Adds a “Tangled” theme to Toy Box terrain objects
Rapunzel’s Birthday Sky Skydome – Adds a “Tangled” theme to the Toy Box sky

Rare Hexagonal Discs

Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Adds the Dumbo ride from the Parks in the Toy Box

Abu the Elephant – Adds the elephant version of Abu in the Toy Box

Astro Blasters Space Cruiser – Adds the Astro Blaster vehicle from the Buzz Lightyear attraction in the Toy Box.

Anyone else picking up Disney Infinity? if so what are your thoughts on these added bonuses?


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