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Dead Rising 3 Demo Now Available + News on New DLC

Chances are if you got a Xbox one for yourself at launch one of the first games that was on your list was the fun looking Dead Rising 3.
Zombies, blood, and certain death don’t sound much fun I agree, but throw into the mix custom built bikes that blow out fire and squash the undead under a steamroller front wheel, or combo built weapons that all amount to much undead death on your screen, and chances are it will bring joy to your face via a smile.

Well if you wasn’t lucky enough to get the game at release, or if it’s on that list to the guy in the big red suit, then may I suggest checking out the Xbox One games section on your dashboard, as going there should find you a nice demo to try out.
The demo itself has a 20 minute timer on it and can only be played twice per gamertag if forums are to be believed, but it is certainly worth a try if you want to try the game out before parting with your cash.

DLC News:
Mr Xbox himself, Major Nelson, spoke with the game’s executive producer, Capcom Vancouver’ s Josh Bridge yesterday who spoke a little about the first of four DLC packs coming to the game, the first one being “Operation Broken Eagle”.

Not only will Operation Broken eagle contain a story arc of Spec Ops commander Adam Kane trying to find the president for you to playthrough, but it will also contain a brand new outfit, five new weapons, a new combo weapon, plus a new vehicle to play with.
This DLC pack is set for release on December 24th, and will be priced around £9.99, or it will be available with the season pass which will set you back £23.99/$29.99 and will give you this DLC and the next three packs in the future.

No actual footage of the game DLC is available yet, and only the one image below is available for this pack as of yet, so look out on the site for future updates about this DLC if you like the sound of it.

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