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Day One Quick Thoughts With The Xbox One

Today was the day I finally got my hands on the console that I had looked forward to since it was announced, yes boys and girls I got the Xbox One. So rather than just tweet out pictures of me kissing the console I thought surely I should give a small post on my feelings after playing with it for a while. I’ve been on it since 10am this morning but still feel I have a lot to learn with the console, so do take this post as just a first thoughts and me not damning the console to hell.

Console: Carrying this bad boy home reminded me of the day that I brought home the very first Xbox with it having the weight of a small child. Coming in at £430.00 this little console has been a pain to save for, but I blew caution to the wind and went for it. The first thing you notice is the size of the Xbox One when taking it out the box, as it comes it a few inches bigger all around to that of the Xbox 360, in terms of height though it seems around the same. Away from the size of the console you do notice how quiet it is once the console has loaded up, with the jumbo jets of the past seemingly been put to sleep, which can only be a good thing.

Joypad: Much has been spoken of this new pad that has been made by big hairy strong men who have done nothing but play with pads since they were small children, so I was a little worried with what to expect. Truth be told it feels just like the 360 pad apart from a few tweaks that I’m sure my fat hands will come more used to after playing them for a bit longer. Holding in it my hands the bumpers feel in a different place than on the 360 pad, so you tend to overshoot with your fingers on the first few attempts at giving it a press. Other than this it feels like the pad we have come to know and love.

Kinect: As expected it is still not small house friendly when it comes the distance between your TV and playing area, which means yet another living room move around is needed for me to benefit. If you had no issues with the previous Kinect though the new Kinect 2.0 will not be a problem at all. The quality of the camera looks amazing when setting it up, but as far as trying to play with it via a game I cannot comment on it until the move around tomorrow. Onto the ability to do voice commands via the Kinect 2.0 and I’ve had no issues at all, which if you had believed some YouTube uploads of people using the Kinect it looked to be a bit off. True the commands on what to use can be a bit of a learning curve, but as far as it picking me up and understanding me I have not had any issues at all.

Best new feature for me though is the use of codes scanned via your kinect to download games and things, as it just makes things so much easier and faster than the old code routine.

Dashboard: The dashboard we have come to know and love has all changed, and what we have in front of us now felt to me a little messy and a bit all over the place. It can feel a bit in your face with options either all over the place, and the things you have come used to using being hidden away in some dark corner. This may just be because it is something new, but I feel I will not find navigating this new dash for a few good weeks yet. I also tried to setup the Sky box through my console, but would only get a black picture with no sound, but heard a few people saying they had there TV up and running fine.

So there we have just a few Quick thoughts on what the Xbox One felt like after playing with it for a few hours. Let us know what your feelings were of your first play with the Xbox One in the comments below, also any questions you have just ask and I will get back to you in the comments.

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3 Responses to Day One Quick Thoughts With The Xbox One

  1. Baze says:

    Well, from the looks of the Dashboard interface in what I’ve seen, if you have a windows 8 computer, tablet or phone, the interface shouldn’t be much of an issue.

    As for the rest of it – I’ve heard some bad things. Mainly overheating and disc-damaging issues. Seen any hints of them?

  2. Gary Mullen says:

    so far i found some good and bad things about the xbox one

    Good things:
    when i say “xbox one” it turns my tv on… am just that lazy!
    Xbox seems to understand me!
    i like the dashboard but am a Win 8.1 user (which i like… yes i know am not suppose too!)
    Does not seem to run too hot
    seems very quiet
    supports me optical headset while not disabling the main speakers at the same time (ie i can turn on my headset and mute the telly no messing around in settings to use them)

    Bad things
    cant sort games and apps to just show games
    cant find games A-Z need to search grrr
    XGB to download fifa then today there a patch… a 344mb patch! what on earth is in it
    cant seem to snap skype on the right hand side while playing games…. am sure i seen that in a video though
    I CANT SEE WHAT HARD DRIVE SPACE AM USING!!! i want to manage it not the cloud ok, am grown up, i can decide what i want on the cloud and what i want on my hard drive, if i go offline and i need things that microsoft have put on the cloud am not going to be happy!
    lack of arcadey titles on the marketplace (ie cheap games)

    Unsure of:
    the controller – cant make up my mind to love or hate it the now, not sure it an overall improvement on the xbox 360 but we see what games do with the rumble feature
    kinect is bulky
    quality of games and case – not sure but thinking they look a bit cheap (ie can see through disks in the light and see the cover… and the boxes seem cheap)

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