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CoD: Ghosts Pulls In The Cash On Day One Of Release

“Enter shocked face here” in news that will surprise no one  it has been announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts has raked in a massive one billion dollars in retail on day one of release.
While that sounds a great number to bound around the interwebs this is just stock sold in retail rather than sales themselves to customers/gamers.
Is this just a blow our trumpet at Rockstar with the massive sale figures that GTA got recently? only time will tell.

We are reviewing through Ghosts as I write this, so expect a review up some time this week, and yes I did do this post just to use the image header above 😛

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6 Responses to CoD: Ghosts Pulls In The Cash On Day One Of Release

  1. Andy King says:

    Read an article saying that the mediocre review scores don’t matter, as people have already decided to buy no matter what. That kind of brand loyalty is amazing with other shooters nipping at COD’s massive heels. I get a general sense of social media that more are wary about the franchise now, with many looking to Titan Fall and Destiny (ironically EA and Activision again) to see if these can be “COD beaters”.

  2. Tony Winkett says:

    I’ve always said all big games have something in common and that is peer pressure.
    If young kids see all their buddies and big YouTubers playing it they will beg for it.
    Us adults are no better, as even I would buy CoD because I would hate missing out on the nightly game sessions.

    • Andy King says:

      The “trash talk” and the under-age gamers ruin it for me. “You hacker!” and all that just drives me mad. Too old for that. Last one for me to really get into was BLOPS2 – and even on that, all I’d play was Nuke Town. To me that was the essence of what CoD was all about. Run and gun. Fastest twitch first. I don’t think I’ve even played the single player story through of a CoD game since CoD4 (and that was something else!). I await next years Titan Fall vs. Destiny “trash talks”.

  3. James Hart says:

    It’s depressing to be honest. When games like this which are yearly iterations of a series that’s been going for years with not much difference between each can sell so much and far more unique ones or indies sell nowhere near as much, just shows the state of gaming at the moment.

  4. David Guild says:

    Yep I actually responed to a post on the facebook which went along the same lines. I’ve always said the typical gamer has changed, I been gaming since I was 3, and when I was at school always got called names about being a gaming geek or nerd, which suited me as I was pretty much was one.

    But these days its those non gamers and folk who may of laughed at the gamer kids who have now picked up gaming in the last generation or so and started to play CoD and in the end picks up every CoD.

    I know it sounds like i’m stereotyping but its kinda is true if you look at it. Gaming has gotten huge due to a few factors WoW made it cool for everyone like non gamers to like RPGs, GT brought over folks who liked the idea or racing and CoD brought in everyone else.

    It makes me sad that the standard shooter these days are either BF or CoD. In my teens it was Counter Strike, it was more a team game, plus it brought around planning before the matches as it wasn’t just respawn chaos, that was for Unreal Tournament and Quake.

  5. James Hart says:

    CS, man I could never get into that, mainly down to how hard it was and how crap I was! haha. The thing is though, UT and Quake were exactly what they were, completely over the top intended for pure fun, in a similar way to Team Fortress Classic. They weren’t meant to be serious or obsessive about stats (in the public games of course), you could do bonkers things like RPG jumps due to limitations of the engine, but the developers embraced that and had a laugh with it.

    BF is a fantastic game but my issue with it is that 3 took a long time to make and there was no reason it shouldn’t have been the game 4 is. It was pretty much a half way house between Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2. But instead they are now doing a 2 year release with that series when there’s no need.

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