Published on March 7th, 2013 | by David Guild


Tomb Raider – Collectors Edition & Limited Edition Controller

Tomb Raider arrived on my doorstep this morning, so I thought I would get cracking on taking pictures and make a unboxing video for you guys.

I’m still in two minds if this Edition is worth the price or not. I think it’s a well thought out package and has everything than most Editions have, plus the Survival Tin is very well done with the rust and damaged effect. The Lara Croft figurine is great for any Tomb Raider fan, I just couldn’t figure out what hands to use and get her standing with the bow and arrow though, but I do think the face could of been worked on better. The Waterproof pouch was a surprise, I felt it was pretty well made and I’m thinking about putting in an old phone to see how waterproof the pouch is. I spoke to some folk on twitter about the Hitman Weapons Pack, saying it’s a bit out of place, and while I’m not a big multi-player fan I feel they could of done something entirely different, not sure what though. The other bits and pieces like the map and art book are done well, but it’s becoming normal to get Art Books with Editions these days, which isn’t a bad thing I just not a big art fan so it didn’t grab my attention.

The biggest surprise for me though was the controller. I thought when seeing it before buying it that the damage and effects on the controller were mostly going to be just printed onto it, but Square Enix and Microsoft showed me just how wrong I was. The tape or bandage on the left has a rough texture to it, and the scratches are also rough to the touch, like it’s been done through wear and tear. I think the controller is pretty awesome and love the design, so worth a purchase in my eyes

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3 Responses to Tomb Raider – Collectors Edition & Limited Edition Controller

  1. HellspawnRei says:

    I’m so proud to have the Collector’s Edition of Tomb Raider! Although i’m still in search for a Limited Edition Controller…

  2. Freddie says:

    Looks sick, I have never had a collectors edition game before, the day GTA5 comes will be the day I get my first collectors edition game. 😀

  3. David Guild says:

    Yea the Tomb Raider Collector Edition is pretty awesome for the price better than some others in its price range. The controller is pretty awesome after getting my hands on it, using the now for my PC.

    I love anything with edition in the name and i buy most what come out. So much wasted money but I don’t smoke or drink so I thought I should waste my cash on something useless :D. I hope GTA5 gets one, the 4th one had a pretty cool one.

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