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HGR Plays Dead Rising 3 (No Spoilers)

Capturing some gameplay of as many Xbox One games as I can, so today we have the fun filled zombiefest that is Dead Rising 3.
I stay clear of any side missions or story related quests and stick to nothing but killing the undead again and having a look at some clothing options.
The review for this very game by our very own Gary Mullen can be found by clicking here, so go give it a read.

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22 Responses to HGR Plays Dead Rising 3 (No Spoilers)

  1. Robert Young says:

    I gotta say none of these ‘next-gen’ games look amazing nor do they look like they have much depth… MEH

    • David Guild says:

      The problem is your looking for to much shine, you turned out to be the typical new age gamer who just looks at the graphics. While I’m not the biggest support of the next generation, the new Dead Rising 3 firstly is a launch title which are never the best looking games due to the time limitation they had to develop for the console. But mainly its the amount of objects on the screen at once which has a certain number of “free will” NPCs.

      Not many zombie games has this amount of zombies in one area which can start to charge at you, it requires alot of RAM and CPU power. This is where the next generation extra grunt every the small amount it has. The 360 would of struggled if not blue screened trying to cope. If this game was to be released on 360 it would probably have alot less zombies talking away that “oh crap” factor.

      However depth is only as good as the developer, thats nothing to do which generation. I got games on my Amiga which had more depth. This is why you stick to a trusted developer, which can ensure the depth you want from a game. I’ve always had a few studios who never fail me.

      • Alex Porter says:

        Good points! 🙂 I also think both Forza 5 and Battlefield 4 look fantastic on the XB1. Forza always looks good but Battlefield really surprised me! Besides it’s not about the graphics, it’s about the experience. Obviously with a new console we should expect an upgrade but that shouldn’t be the most important factor! 😛

        • Robert Young says:

          BF4… not impressed wither – seemed better on PS4 when I tried it at EGX… oh yeah that was 1080p

          • Alex Porter says:

            To me the resolution doesn’t matter, the game is great in 720p. I don’t care that the PS4 can play it at 1080p, like I said it’s about the experience and I’m loving Battlefield 4 for that and not the graphics/resolution! 😛

            Admittedly at the moment most of the new console games are the usual shooters and mediocre exclusives, but it’ll pick up at some point! 😛

            That being said I am currently streaming my PS3 through the Xbox so I can catch up with the likes of Uncharted and the Tales Of games since I have only 2 XB1 games at the mo! 😛

      • Robert Young says:

        Well I’ve had hands on all the ones at EGX and seen multiple videos and plenty of reviews for all the new games across multiple gens, PC being the ones that have slightly interested me, maybe it’s my waning interest in gaming but nothing impresses me, nothing stokes the fire, I have seen it all before… I’m not sure how you can fit me in to a bracket when I’m not even playing games right now, just stating an opinion on what I’ve played, seen and read.

        You make valid points but I look at it this way… If I’m to shell out for a new console, extra pads and a few games that’s £700 gone and given the time I dedicate to games it would take something special to change my opinion on the next gen, the outlay and games just don’t serve a purpose for me.

        If I can get BF4 and DR2 on my 360 why would I want to upgrade to a new console and game?

        As for looking for looks I do know how it works I’ve been here before (n64 > GC > GC > Wii / Xbox > 360 / PS1 > PS3…) things will improve multiple times but when I can get a game, like you said, on existing or past generations that fulfils enjoyment why ‘upgrade/invest’ in something I don’t like or does not interest me?

        Maybe my OP was a sweeping statement but it was still my view and I stick to it 😛

  2. Tony Winkett says:

    Yeah, the first walk over the hill in the games intro where you see a crap load of zombies waiting for you was my first real next-gen gaming moment that blew me away.

    • Robert Young says:

      On the same level as N3? That had many NPCs at a time and ‘views’ like you quoted but maybe… you mean this part right… “” (SPOILER ALERT) 😛

  3. Robert Young says:

    Dead Rising: Moon Edition – now this would be cool!

  4. Robert Young says:

    Alex – it’s all down to preference and interest and right now I think the fundamental thing for me is that I have hardly any interest in gaming with my interest being elsewhere, it sucks to not be gaming much but I honestly was never trying influence or say you lot buying in to next gen is wrong I was just voicing how I feel about it all which isn’t wrong, right? Like I said, nothing has pulled me in and nothing really interested me at EGX or in the many videos or reviews that have been released have done nothing for me… at this time!

    That said I did go out and buy a PS3 when GoW3 was launched so who knows times will probably change just not my thang right now bitches!

  5. Tony Winkett says:


  6. Robert Young says:

    If I ever get another console, and I probably will, DR3 will probably make me eat my words but I didn’t really enjoy what I played on the last day at EGX… maybe it’s better with more time… like most games eh

    • David Guild says:

      I want to play DR3 but its not gonna be the game that made me thankful to get a next gen. Why I do love the fact at the number of Zombies can be on screen, I think Gaz counted over hundred, they are all quite dumb. I actually preferred the Zombies in Dying Light, plus with the mix of doing free running, it looks quite crazy.

      If The Division is faithful to their tech demo then that could be a great title showing off the consoles. At the moment that is probably the only game that looks good but also has some great advances in the engine.

      • Robert Young says:

        By the time me and you eventually buy in to next gen DR3 will be cheap as chips. The games that really interest me are The Division & Titan Fall but both would need to be immense for me to be swayed to fork out.

        • Alex Porter says:

          I think if I’m honest, I would have held off on getting a next gen console if it weren’t for friends buying into it immediately. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the Xbox One and the games but I would have been willing to wait for them if my friends would have also been willing, I didn’t want to risk getting left behind… 🙁

          Also we need to stop commenting in here, Tony’s got enough points as it is! 😉

          • Tony Winkett says:

            I shall forever be the point king, so 😛

          • David Guild says:

            Scott says the same, left behind and see it from the start. I never got that saying. Especially with consoles, unless you mean MP on certain games.

            I never got a 360 till a year in to its life and never started using it for a further year but I felt I never missed a thing and was able to buy games cheaper was always a plus. I can follow the console from the side lines without forking out tons of money and I can see if its worth the buy or not. Granted I don’t play lots of MP but most big games MP last. In all I never thought about being left behind or missing out on anything.

  7. Robert Young says:

    Points are caped – see the faqs – You only get 5 points per 1 comment on each post so if he or anyone else makes 5 comments they’ll only get 5pts that day 🙂

    And yeah I only game with you lot and you all went and got a new console bar a few of us… we stayed strong and resisted 😛

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