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Blog: Threats Of Violence Over A Video game, Is That Gaming These Days?

I fu**ed your Mum, I’ve done your sister, even I’ve sha**ed your Nan , have been some of the vile comments we have come to expect and brush off while gaming over live these days, but what is crossing the line in banter?

Recently a guy by the name of One of Swords who is the Activision Community Manager in the US wrote a post on his blog site about how David Vonderhaar had received threats of violence after the last update to Black Ops 2. Check the comments on that post and you will see that I said that us gamers go through this kind of abuse on a nightly basis, which happened last night, and is the reason for this very Blog post.

Last night while doing a bit of gaming and streaming I heard one of the worst cases of the “idiot gamer” on Xbox LIVE in my whole seven years using it.
In the below video it all erupts in the blink of an eye from friendly chat to a threat of a hacked account all the way to a threat of coming to the persons house and stabbing them.

This is the first time I’ve heard this threat over live in the seven years I have been using the service so it did kind of affect the way I was playing the game, as I was shocked to hear such a threat for the first time.I can’t even claim they they are under-age, as while one claims to be 17 the other claims to be 22.

Before people read this blog post as an attack on CoD it’s not. I am just sick to death of people like the above never being punished and ruining my experience in a game that I have paid to play.

Microsoft and developers need to start to punish these gamers in a much better and harder way than present , as these kind of threats are part and parcel of gaming it these days. 

This is a daily thing that happens on Live, as these people know they are a needle in a haystack of idiots, and will easily escape the ban they so much deserve.
This generation of gamers seem to and forget why most people between 21 and 30+ got into gaming back in the day, as gaming  has a must win mentality now rather than “I’m here to have fun” approach that I myself got into gaming for.

Rant Over.

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One Response to Blog: Threats Of Violence Over A Video game, Is That Gaming These Days?

  1. Robert Young says:

    haha and this ladies and gents is why I stopped playing online so much – the fun has gone for me. imbeciles make gaming a chore and it should not be!

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