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Blog: The Rage Quitter Epidemic

I’m sure we’ve all been there, playing a game and annihilating your opponents… just to have them quit before the end of the game. It’s one of the most annoying problems with gaming, asides from players glitching and using mods. When the odd opponent or team quits, say once every ten games, it’s not a problem. But when your playing a game for several hours and it’s every other match or more, then it becomes a nuisance. With players quitting as frequent as that, you may as well not play at all. When it comes to quitters, it’s not a case of ‘can’ or ‘should’ more be done, the answer to both is a resounding yes, but rather is enough being done? The simple answer? No.

Now when I say quitter, I mean someone who leaves mid game simply because they’re losing, not someone who leaves between games or has a real reason. As a gamer who plays on a daily basis, I encounter quitters during nearly every online session I play. Be it Call of Duty or Gears of War, quitters, quitters everywhere! While I respect that people should be given the choice of whether to leave or not, they should not simply be allowed to leave a game and spoil it for other players. Some games do attempt to put people off of quitting but most methods used have been completely ineffective.

Take Call of Duty’s method for instance. You play a game, you get XP and kills, and you get a bonus depending on how well you did and whether or not you won. The problem is all Call of Duty does to quitters is stop them from getting their bonus. The bonus you get per game isn’t even that good so how effective is this method really? Honestly, it doesn’t work in the slightest. I play Modern Warfare 2’s Team Tactical on a very regularly basis but half of games I play end up with the opponents quitting because they can’t handle losing. More needs to be done about this because the players who stay in the game feel more punished than the guys who can’t hack losing. Why not go further? Why not erase all of the quitter’s kills/XP gained during a match but leave their deaths? To me this would encourage people even just a little bit more but it perhaps isn’t the best method.

Further on the Call of Duty front, why must the game use host migration only to then pick someone on the same team as the last host? Why not think logically, if one guy on that team quits, maybe they all will, let’s give the other team the host. It gets a bit ridiculous when you play a match and have the host migrate 3 times because the enemy team don’t want their oh so important win/loss ratio damaged. I know that Call of Duty gives quitters a loss but I’m pretty sure there are work-a-rounds. I have enough recorded games of MW2 to make a montage of quitters because it is so common.

As for Gears of War, quitters here aren’t so bad, especially since Gears takes a little more skill to actually play so I find games to be a bit more even and not one-sided. That being said, it doesn’t stop people leaving. As far as I know Gears does the same thing as Call of Duty by only removing the match bonus. Gears does have a back-up at least in the form of bots. This means that players can still complete the full match but bots are hardly an ideal solution, especially when they’re so random when it comes to killing. Anyone else ever been sawed-off killed from 30 feet away? Thought so. Again, just like with Call of Duty, more needs to be done to address the rampant quitting.

Another example of quitters, although I haven’t experienced it myself, is with FIFA. It’s basically the same story, game starts, you start winning, game ends because opponent quits. Do real footballers simply walk off the field when the opposing team scores? More needs to be done to discourage this kind of quitting.

Now, an example of quitter punishment done right is Halo: Reach. The idea with Reach is that if you quit too often, you get a temporary matchmaking ban meaning you can’t play. It may only be 15 mins, but it works. From all of my time playing Halo: Reach and Halo 4, I’ve experienced so few quitters which suggests that their method is actually somewhat affective. It may not be perfect, and I’m sure some people have problems with it but it seems to work enough to keep multiplayer games flowing. I would love to see such things featured in other games in the future but we’ll have to wait and see!

I have a few personal rules for online gaming which I adhere to and one of them is never quit from an honest match. If I’m being beaten fair and square, then I stay until the end, my opponents obviously deserve to enjoy their win!

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A 22 year old avid gamer across both PC and consoles with the gamerscore and game collection to prove it. He tries to divide his time between work, playing through his massive game collection, and studying a degree in Computer Science. He is hoping to follow a career path in video game programming in the future. GT: The Porternator - Steam: The Porternator - PSN: The_Porternator - Twitter: @ThePorternator

8 Responses to Blog: The Rage Quitter Epidemic

  1. The bane of online gaming…the rage quitter.

    Speaking as someone who has only recently returned to Fifa 13 as gave up after 11 due to rage quitting gits ruining the online side to it, the issue is still a problem and EA have done nothing to stop it. Just removing the option to leave game from the pause menu would be a start.

    Now I know Alex doesn’t agree with my decision to name and shame those who rage quit on me, but I do this for two reasons:

    1) To show people just how often it happens, yesterday 5/6 games resulted in rage quitting
    2) Even if they never know they are shamed, others will see who they are and the sad little numpties they are and that pleases me πŸ™‚

    Bungie got it right with Reach, a time out for those who constantly quit games….it works. There needs to be a penalty for those who actively ruin the gaming experience of others just because they cant handle either taking a loss or just meeting someone better then them that time on a game they love.

    Rage Quitters…maybe the Xbox One’s reputation system can do something to clean them up, time will tell

    • Alex Porter says:

      What? I totally agree with naming and shaming! I think I must have worded it badly… πŸ˜› If I could I’d put a banner on anyone’s profile that is recorded as being a serial quitter!

    • Alex Porter says:

      I was tempted to make a video with all of the rage quitters I’ve recorded over the last year or two but I don’t know if it’s worth my time! πŸ™‚

    • Robert Young says:

      I totally agree with you buddy – I was bought Fifa 12 digitally as a birthday gift but I fell out of love with Fifa due to the same issue you have with the game. I tried it again recently because I did not want to buy Fifa 13 and have the same issues so I downloaded it again and to my surprise I had not had one quitter, they have all shifted to Fifa 13 it looks like.

      I wish there was a site where gamers could just fill a form and submit the rage quitter, game, time and date, if enough was recorded they could be submitted to the publisher/developer just to warrant something needs to be done… silly suggestion? I do hope Microsoft have developed something that takes care of this issue.

  2. Tony Winkett says:

    I say we bring back the hanging system for them all YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA πŸ˜‰

  3. My Charm has many faces πŸ˜›

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