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Blog: Game over…?

True story: I’ve been a gamer since my Childhood… it all started way back when I was a young boy, stay at my cousins for a long weekend in Southend… one spring morning before the day I was due to go back home I was at a crossing with my two cousins on our way to the beach to visit the arcades and fairground…. Green man shows, we ready ourselves and start to cross…

I hear a whirring noise and then then BOOOOOOM… next thing I know i’m in an ambulance on the way to hospital with loads of pain all over my body and my face is the worst pain I felt in my life to this day… turns out a motorcycle had gone thru a red light and ran me over, back tire going over my face… Anyway after a few days in hospital I was released, my parents came to pick me up from the hospital and took me back to my cousins to pick up my sister (when she saw me she thought I was a monster because of my facial injuries!) and then we headed home… To my surprise when I went to my bedroom there it was, a mysterious black box… I got up close to it and it read “Sinclair ZX Spectrum Personal Computer”!


My heart jumped out my chest, I mean I loved the arcades but this was the closest I was going to get to home arcade games, turns out my dad bought this for me as a get well present and hell it made me feel much better!

Since that day I have skipped through the generations of home computing and console gaming and had a blast doing so going from the above ZX Spectrum to a Commodore 64 then missing a load and jumping straight to the Megadrive, first Gameboy, NES, SNES, Playstation, N64, Dreamcast, Xbox, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and have loads of great gaming memories… but that’s where it stops, I’m bored, I’ve lost interest. With all the speculation of the new gen abound I feel a huge amount of déjà vu, yes there is anticipation but I’ve not really been ‘amazed’, ‘blown away’ or ‘inspired’ by any games in the last few years and thats the truth. I remember when I first played Halo CE and I was a PS2 purist and that game blew me away to the extent I bought an Xbox and my PS2 became a dust collector. Since then I can’t think of any games I’ve played that have kept me engaged to the extent of wanting to play that game over. Yes we have Bioshock, Halo 2, 3, 4 and beyond but I cannot remember playing a game and not wanting it to end but rather feeling it has become a chore to play. The last game I bought at full retail price was Gears of War Judgment and this has verified my feelings towards gaming, that game is ridiculous in that it has a campaign, a ‘side’ mission, a very lite MP hardly any other content on it and I found the campaign/side missions really dull to play, the first GOW had a great new style of gameplay when it dropped but GOWJ seems to be another game in the mould of future expense with a very limited amount of maps to play on and the extortionate prices for tiny things such as in game character skins.

This latter issue has really put me off gaming in a big way because it seems to be the way games are going and I firmly believe more emphasis will be put on episodic gaming and maybe even cloud gaming. We have reviewed games on this site where games come out, have content on the disc you paid £40 for but you have to pay for a ‘pass’ that unlocks content already on the disc. I see a future where discs will start to become redundant and it will all be based on downloadable/rental gaming where you pay for a monthly pass instead of a yearly pass and instead of an annual fee you will pay a fee per game to play online.

It seems to me that it’s easy to build up a collection of games with two thirds of them not being played, if I had played my entire gaming collection from beginning to end I’d have a huge gamer score, but I don’t and probably never will (I’m no ‘gamerscore’ hunter), I get bored of games very easily these days and I currently feel very disillusioned with gaming and like I said earlier I cannot recall one game holding my attention solidly beyond 2 hours, if I lose interest then that game is sadly destined for my pile of shame box which is growing all the time. I have a box full of games, about 10 of them not even opened!

RY Pile of Shame

My pile of shame… Yes I am ashamed! Half this lot has been traded!

As it stands I am undecided weather I should call quits and sell up while I can get money from my Xbox or hold out and see if I may be interested in the ‘next gen’, my partner has demanded I don’t sell the Xbox after I sold my Wii and PS3 and all the games I owned for each system, she is even interested in the next Xbox!

A few factors I think I can pin it down to are that I moved, changed job which eats all my personal time due to it being very demanding and most of my spare time is spent developing my interest in illustration and I have built up a small following online that I want to continue to build up and having the distraction of gaming gets in the way of me developing my art and it is something I really want to do, last year was a good one for me and my art with various sales and exhibitions, this year not so good with various bits of bad news but I’m working to turn that in to a positive!

Oh and don’t worry, the site is going NOWHERE and I’m still going to Eurogamer because I want to meet the guys who have been part of this site from conception to where it is now so it’s not all bad news, I’ll continue to be behind the site and help anyone that needs help with site stuff.

If anyone is interested in my artwork have a look at the below links and I’d love to hear what you think and if you have any comments on the above please to post them as I’d happily discuss stuff with y’all! / PixelsPencil on Twitter / PixelsPencil on Facebook

Thanks for reading!

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4 Responses to Blog: Game over…?

  1. I did not expect this… At all. Best of luck in all of your future endeavours mate!

    • Robert Young says:

      Truth be told I’ve been frustrated with gaming for a few years, I’m going to follow up this post with one listing all the items for sale so I hope to sell them privately to mates and reliable people.

      I’ll still be about until I’ve flogged the lot so Monday is still go!

  2. Glidding says:

    Hi mate. Best of luck and glad to hear that the site won’t be going anywhere..

    • Robert Young says:

      Thanks buddy – I’m not saying it is game over just how I’ve felt for a while – gaming has lost it’s magic for me or maybe life is just too distracting from gaming… time will tell if I invest in a next gen console but I’m finding it very difficult to ‘want’ to sit down with any game right now.

      It was very satisfying selling my Wii and PS3, I always felt pressure to play those to try to work through games to warrant the price I paid for them in the first place. Last week I got rid of almost half my pile of shame just because I will never get through especially now there is a new console to be announced soon so I got rid of a load of stuff but I did hang on to games I want to at least get through before the new console drops.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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