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Blog: Collector’s Edition Woes

This is my first Blog post with the guys here at HXR so hopefully someone enjoys it! I think the next post I do will be a little more positive!

I’ve played video games for most of my life. I can still remember bugging my parents to buy games for me because I never had any money, and for the most part, they would buy them. Eventually the day came where I was able to afford my own games and I no longer had to ask my parents to buy them. As the years went on, I came to have an appreciation for the special editions of games and I started to buy them over the regular editions.

I think it was about 3 years ago now that I turned into a serious collector buying the best editions for my favourite games. I have shelves lined with games such as the Assassin’s Creed 1 Collector’s Edition with the Altaïr statue and the more recent Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition. Now I know I said 3 years but I went and Ebay-ed a few collector’s editions I missed, including Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2. I know that as things become more digital that less of these editions are going to be available but for as long as they last, I’ll buy them, although I’m sure some people don’t think I’m wise spending that kind of money on games!

When it comes to the different editions of games, there tends to be a regular edition, limited edition, and a collector’s edition, although not always. I think this is fine, the regular gives you the game, the limited gives you some extra content, and the collectors slaps a statue down in front of you along with everything from the limited edition. The problem is that some games seem to have these editions… and more! Take Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. You have the regular edition, the Special Edition, the Skull Edition, the Buccaneer Edition, AND the Black Chest Edition. Why have so many editions?

Naturally the most expensive edition is the one with the most stuff but even then, this edition doesn’t have everything in it. The Buccaneer and the Black Chest Editions both come with a statue… two completely different statues. Maybe it’s just me but this really bothers me as I feel like I’m not getting everything available, at least not without having to buy the game twice! While I may be foolish enough, in some people’s eyes, to buy one of these editions, I’m certainly not going to buy two of them! This also happened with previous Assassin’s Creed games. Assassin’s Creed 3 for instance had a medallion in the Join or Die Edition but this was absent from the more expensive Freedom Edition, something that really ticked me off when I found out about it.

Something I’ve noticed with this trend of not including everything in a single edition is that it seems to be limited to Ubisoft titles, more specifically Assassin’s Creed itself. Or at least it WAS limited. The upcoming Watch_Dogs, which I’m very excited for, seems to have been given similar treatment. Watch_Dogs has three editions aside from the standard. The Special Edition includes some extra digital content and the Vigilante Edition includes a cap and mask just like the protagonist’s. It also includes some digital content…  different content than from the Special Edition. Why remove it from one edition to the next? This only goes further when you move up to the Dedsec edition and find that you get all this awesome gear including a statue, only to find that the cap and mask are not included in it! This one particularly bothers me as the cap and mask are very cool items to be included but if I want all of the other stuff, I have to sacrifice getting them as I’m not willing to buy two editions of the same game.


Another small thing that annoyed me about the Assassin’s Creed 3 Freedom Edition is that in America it included an Assassin’s Creed inspired Colonial Flag. I would have loved to have had that flag hanging from my wall but Ubisoft believed that it would be seen as anti-British and didn’t include it in Europe. Honestly, I’m British and I would have loved to have had such a flag inspired by Assassin’s Creed. Alas I’m left without it.

Thankfully, as far as I know, this seems to be limited to Ubisoft so it won’t put me off continuing to collect games but I would love to see it change. Perhaps I’m in a minority about this bothering me, perhaps not. All I know is that it obviously works in getting some people to buy the game twice since they keep repeating the practice of splitting this stuff up, but it won’t make me buy a game twice, not even for the awesome Watch_Dogs cap and mask. Which I really want… Come on Ubisoft! Put it in the Dedsec Edition too!

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A 22 year old avid gamer across both PC and consoles with the gamerscore and game collection to prove it. He tries to divide his time between work, playing through his massive game collection, and studying a degree in Computer Science. He is hoping to follow a career path in video game programming in the future. GT: The Porternator - Steam: The Porternator - PSN: The_Porternator - Twitter: @ThePorternator

6 Responses to Blog: Collector’s Edition Woes

  1. David Guild says:

    Helloooooooooooooooooooooo fellow collector! I thought I was alone here in the mists of HXR who just likes buying the expensive editions! Sadly I admit I’m one of the sad guys who likes to have most of the editions I can get and Mr Bank Manager knows too when he sent my yearly statement in and when I did the maths I spent £4k on games :O Most of that was Limited Edition consoles and games.

    I do notice Ubisofts trend with the different editions and it does piss me off cause I like having it all and why should I pay £100+ and then find ot there stuff in the cheaper edition that wasn’t. I sadly brought 2 of the AC3 editions which were actually posted here 🙂

    WatchDog I’ve got both the editions preordered too but may switch one to the XB1. I need to start working more lol. I don’t think I should see many major special editions coming out this november i think. With the next generation coming out. Instead of building a new PC this year it may just go towards the consoles instead :S

    • Alex Porter says:

      If I had the money I would love to get all the editions too! 😛 Haven’t pre-ordered AC4 and Watch_Dogs yet, last time I ordered from the Ubistore, they charged immediately and I’m skint at the mo!

  2. Collectors Editions are really aimed at long term fans of a series. If you look at the Assassin’s Creed Collectors editions they are Statues and other fan items that an AC would love. The in game content is a bonus but like so many other CE or LE’s will end up being sold for a quick buck after 90 days.

    When I see a CE I weigh up what the cost over the top of the regular price of the game is and what you get for that. If you take the LE of HALO 4 last year, for me, it was the £ for £ most value for money of any LE in 2012. In Game Content, the War Games pass for the full MP Experience, the fan collectors items and Forward Unto Dawn Directors cut (allbeit streamed rather then downloaded), for £65 that was superb value as the cost of the War Games pass alone would take the normal price close to that LE price.

    Take the ACIII LE or Join or Die Edition, the mid level edition of the game, and the in game content was made part of the season pass so what you had left was a pretty box, a heavy metal AC symbol Medallion and pouch and a “Diary”….adding £20 to the price of the regular game. Two very fan service items but was it worth another £20..probably not.

    Publishers are there to make money, from the £125 BLOPS2 Care Package edition which was nothing more then a cheap Plastic chest from B&Q with a £30 Toy from joke to the LE of HALO 4, they are put together for fans willing to pay more for the games they support and love.

    All depends on how much a fan you are and how much spare cash you got. As I type this, I have the Saints IV Wub Wub Edition pre-ordered, AC4 Skull edition but with Edward Statue Pre-ordered and if Arkham Origins gets a CE im going for that as I loved the Arkham City one.

  3. Alex Porter says:

    The Halo 4 LE was very nice and definitely worth the money, I’m also yet to see anyone using the exclusive helmet that I got for ordering from (think it was the cheapest at the time so that’s where I got mine :P).

    Unfortunately many of Ubisoft’s CE games are exclusive to their site so they can charge whatever they want since there’s no competition :L

    I’m still trying to determine if GTA V’s CE is worth it or not…

  4. I used the Locus Helmet from the HMV Pre-order just before I picked up my HALO 4 LE console in January at a bargain price, so now just the Fotus.

    CE is all about how you think the contents will be of value to you after release, and I am talking months….I display my collectors editions now and they rock lol

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