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Blog: Can’t we all just get along?

With the recent reveal of both net-gen consoles at E3 the whole pointless debate of “which will be better” and “The PS4/Xbox One is better because” is already gathering pace on Internet forums and blogs around the globe. As a gamer for a decent amount of time now this has not been my first “choose your side” console war, as over the years there has been countless gaming battles I have been part of. My question in this blog today though is the fact do we ever see and actual winner?

My first ever console experience of a full on console battle was the days of Mario and Sonic, as both Nintendo and Sega had their iconic gaming mascot go battle for them as often as they could. Over recent years though these two gigantic gaming icons have teamed up for the greater good in many video games, which has pleased many gamers of the younger generation. Still to this day seeing such arch enemies of my younger gaming days teaming up though just feels a little bit wrong to me, but more to the point who did actually win that face-off? Did Mario and Sonic really end a console war by just riding off into the sunset holding hands without a care in the world? One thing we do know about their battle with was the only real winner was Sega and Nintendo themselves, as these two icons are still one of their top sellers when any game has their name on still to this very day.

These days though gaming battles feel much more hard hitting with the likes of Battlefield vs Cod, Fifa vs PES, right down to PS3 exclusives vs Xbox exclusives, all of whom have seen battle in some gaming forum or blog at some point. Back in the days of the Sega and Nintendo your choice was never questioned by every living person that owned one of the consoles for one, and that is the fault of the Internet. Mention that you like PES on a forum these days and tons of FIFA fans will not only tell you that your wrong for making that choice, but also call you a idiot in the process. The Internet is full of people who like to think that there opinion is fact, but the fact is we are all allowed to make our own choices and nobody can stop that ever.

Recently you may have read my Fanboy blog post that I did explaining how torn I was as a 360 gamer, and how MS was totally testing my loyalty to them at the time. Sadly this post got read as me saying NUR NUR to Microsoft and I was jumping ship to SS Sony, so of course the Internet does what it does best and had a knee jerk reaction. My blog post was met with so many sarcastic tweets asking me was the site going to be called Honest PS4 reviews in the future, or just bluntly calling me a fucking idiot, which is fine as I am fine with anyone having a opinion. What got to me though was that some felt that me just doing a simple blog of my feelings on a games console would actually alter other peoples opinions on if they was going for the Xbox One or the PS4. This idea just blew my mind, and made me question do sites like us writing things like that almost mind trick someone into having the same thoughts?

This got me thinking has this happened to me in the past, did I ever read a review of a game or a blog post by someone and it stopped me making a purchase or even trying a game out. Now I know what we do here is review things, but I’m pretty sure most gamers are like myself, you see a game you like the look of, check some reviews out, if they score bad you either rent or what till the price lowers. That being said if the game has been on my radar enough I would happily still buy it after a bad review, as I have invested a lot of time into reading about this gadget or game, so it deserves me to make my own mind up on it. Recently though I have to admit after the Xbox One and PS4 standoff my own mind was turned a few times by a few big YouTubers, but in the end I took a step back and picked a console what I want as a gamer.

So guys have you ever been turned by the Internet with a choice you made?
Have you ever been attacked for your preference of a certain genre of game be it shooter or sport?
Did a review actually stop you paying for a game that you had on pre-order since the announcement?

Once again thanks for listening to my waffle, and we shall speak via another blog very soon.

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