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Blog – Why Ark: Survival Evolved Is Worth Taking A Look At

Sitting down to play with Ark: Survival Evolved for the very first time just before Xmas, left me worrying that perhaps this was a game that needed a lot of time and effort put into it to get the most out of it. Loading the game up with single player to begin with was a bit too much for me to handle if I’m honest, as the game does not hold your hand at all, nor does it teach you the ropes like most games do these days. Because of this I found myself just wandering around this dinosaur filled island being constantly hungry, thirsty and cold, not really knowing what was best for what. This left me thinking maybe this game just wasn’t for me, but then a few other site members came along and changed all that.

With Xmas out the way I got to jump online with the other guys from the site, in which I  had tweaked the settings to a much more user-friendly, learn the ropes style – with less worry now on having to shove berries or water down our throats to survive every three seconds. Now I would say if you were put off like me originally when loading the game up for the first time then this is the route you should go for, as it really does ease you in with the option of tweaking the settings at any time later down the line to make it a little bit harder once you have got better. The other main key in making this game much more awesome is adding in friends, seriously playing alone comes nowhere near the fun you could be having with a bunch of mates.


With friends and the easier settings it wasn’t long before clan HGR had the first HGR Hut up and running thanks to the woman of the group (Dannie), who basically built it by herself. Gaz’s role looked to be the fetch stuff and build something out of the blue after going missing for 30+ minutes. My role became nothing but the must not die guy and to entertain myself I would make the best hats the world has ever seen. Guild however became like a small child on the look out for an adventure, but these normally ended with most of the camp dying just a few minutes later. Because of Mr Adventurer soon Camp 1 and Camp 2 were a distant memory (yes I’m blaming you Guild), as dying and not remembering where you built the damn thing tends to make that outcome happen. Now we’re on Camp 3 and touch wood things are going really well. We have a nice hut with beds (never used them but they look nice) with the hut sitting on a lovely cliff side that had (in our heads) two gigantic dinosaurs who were clearly deeply in love with each other that would greet us every morning, well until we thought feck it and shot them both with bow and arrows for their hide. RIP cute looking yet stupid big dinos, you are missed already.



Since then we’ve spent our nights building hats and huts, and hunting for items that allowed us to craft. Last night however the taste for dino blood was strong, and after taking down the two monsters mentioned above we thought we were unstoppable, well until a giant croc had other ideas. I’ve been eaten by a T-rex, saw a couple of Megalodon eat a clan member as a snack while jumping out of the sea. I’ve even seen a 4 man crew partially survive a croc attack on a boat that felt like I was in the movie Jaws. What I guess I’m saying is, is that if you have a bunch of mates and are on the look out for an adventure then Ark: Survival Evolved is the game to be playing right now.

With the game being in preview at the moment however you can expect to play a game that is still very unpolished and not really that gorgeous like the images and trailer would have you believe. Lag and dinosaurs glitching into things are a massive issue at the moment from what I’ve played so far, but both of these things don’t stop you from still having fun or progressing in the game at all. No achievements are in the game yet, but buying the game while in preview will get you the game for a much cheaper price, with all future updates up until the final game build being available to you at no extra cost. New servers and tweaks to make things better are being added all the time to the game, so really now is the best time to buy it if you want to help influence what a special game the final game could be.


This post was basically to tease you in with the enjoyment you are missing out on with the preview version available right now, but you can expect a proper review when the final version releases onto the console some time this year.

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  1. C.J. Todd says:

    Ark is hard at first and you can expect to die a lot. But even with all the dying you still feel like you accomplished something because your character gains level and can earn points to unlock engrams (like blueprints in other games.) Once you get the hang of it ark is a really fun game to play. I have a lot of fun playing the game and making gameplay videos of it. Definitely a game worth checking out.

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