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Blog: Rumours cause nothing but MASS PANIC

“You know that woman down the road? “well last night she totally chucked out her husband and threw his clothes out of the bedroom window”.
That ladies and gentleman is one of many things I’ve heard in public, or read via Facebook and other social networks over the last few years, but why are you posting about a cheating husband on a game page? I hear you ask, well let me continue.

Recently Xbox 360 rumours have been setting the internets on fire with what will be in store for the next-gen edition of our beloved console.
It will have better graphics and be better than the 360, we know that, but where the trouble begins is when rumours and stuff gets posted by one person, and it is then made 100% fact.
Did that guy actually cheat on his wife above? I will never know, but he could have just been taking the washing to the laundrette.
What I’m saying is rumours sometimes turn out to be not true at all.
The big story from last night was when Adam Orth (a Creative Director at Microsoft Studios) tweeted out some pretty harsh things about why he thinks next-gen should be “Always on”
Thanks to NeoGAF for capturing the tweets.

Of course after reading this comment from one guy Twitterverse lit up, as in their minds this was 100% fact, and not just the tweet of one guy at a huge company.
Maybe this was a rant at his co-workers who don’t want such a thing in the next gen console, and he thought fuck it I’m gonna rant.
Maybe it was all a test to see how gamers would react, and we have played right into their plans.
The only issue I see about being “Always connected”  is midway through a game my connection drops and the game does not save my game, but surely Microsoft are a better company than that and  would not let such a thing happen.

Rather than thinking of just myself in all of this I can also see the positives in this for both for MS and games publishers.
Always being online would surely stop pirated consoles being used around the globe, which is something I fully agree on, as many games publishers lose out on money this way.

At the end of the day don’t believe anything until it is 100% confirmed, and let’s enjoy what we have now, and not in the future.
But if you can’t wait to see what the future has in store then please take a look at the 100% confirmed  Xbox 720 below, and just think this will be all ours in the very near future.
The internet is never wrong right?

*Disclaimer: The actual console may not look like this.

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3 Responses to Blog: Rumours cause nothing but MASS PANIC

  1. Scot says:

    The problem with rumours is that there is always one person who believes them and passes on the details as a fact.

    Things we know about the next Xbox – That there will be one.

    THATS IT….That is all we know. We know nothing else. Why do we know nothing else?…because Microsoft are incredibly tight lipped when it comes to Xbox and any inclusive exclusives they may or may not possess.
    With the market the way it is, Microsoft and Sony are in an never ending struggle for supremacy. With Sony taking the plunge first and showing some interesting features and ideas, the light was shone on Microsoft to put pressure on them to show their hand.
    Microsoft did the best thing they could do, Raised a hand, extended the middle finger and quietly stated “No comment”. Good for them.
    There has been nothing but negative comments spreading through the interwebs, highlighting the failings of the Durango but they have been based on scepticism and complete fabrication.

    I watched Sony’s event and I thought to myself that there was some very impressive ideas put forward and some great hardware, it was enough to make me question what will be my next step? Would I make the jump on to the Sony bandwagon or should I do the logical thing and just give Microsoft the chance to show me what they have been working on.
    Im waiting – I am waiting with anticipation. There are people much smarter than I working on the next Xbox at the moment. They are working hard to provide a fantastic experience with features and capabilities that we may not even have thought about.
    When they are ready to show the world what they have done, I am pretty dam certain that I will have been glad to have waited.

  2. Scot Mackay says:

    Just adding this updated comment from Major Nelson’s blog

    I wanted to give you the official Microsoft Statement regarding some comments you may have seen yesterday::

    “We apologize for the inappropriate comments made by an employee on Twitter yesterday. This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views do not reflect the customer centric approach we take to our products or how we would communicate directly with our loyal consumers. We are very sorry if this offended anyone, however we have not made any announcements about our product roadmap, and have no further comment on this matter.”

    As frequent readers of my blog know, the moment we have news about our products I will be sharing all the details I can.

  3. David Guild says:

    I don’t really go in for rumours I never have and never will as I just don’t see the point. Where I get annoyed is at the arguements for or against a rumour, even if they aren’t true I like to see the fors and againsts to be pretty good and fact.

    The idiot of an employee that is Mr Orth tweets are bloody stupid, they make no sense and no real arguement to the reason why people should stop bitching and see the reasoning to ‘always online’. Always online isn’t an option for some people, even for a geeky tech loving guy like me. Plus trust me I was known as Dodgy Dave before I came this all buying game guy you see before you. Always On won’t stop the pirates, its been broken in the past and it will again, theres always ways round it.

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