Published on November 7th, 2013 | by Barry Burkett


Blog: Rose Tinted Glasses

Hey, sorry I’ve been away a while but people I know keep getting married and for some reason I’m still expected to work before people give me money. Strange but true.

Now I want to ask a question. Can anybody guess which game I’ve purchased in the last month that has made me the most excited?


That’s fair as there have been a few noticeable releases in the last month and I’ve had a great time with the biggest release which is of course GTA 5. I (and my house mate) have shot, crashed and exploded things into the wee, small hours and IT HAS BEEN AWESOME, but it is still not the best purchase I’ve made.

That honour goes to the Xbox 360 classic title ‘Mega Drive Ultimate Collection’.

I won’t bore you with a list of games on this bargain disc as you can check yourself (unless you want me to?) but it is an impressive array.

This selection harks back to my golden era of gaming. I never had a Mega Drive myself (or a SNES), just an Atari 2600 but I had the joy of knowing those that did. After the blocks of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ or ‘Joust’, the graphics where amazing and the chance to play 2 player action with a friend was brilliant.

Now a lot of things that you loved from your childhood are sadly lacking when viewed against the backdrop of present technology and this ruined such memories as ‘Thundercats’ and ‘Mysterious Cities of Gold’. Never meet your heroes sounds particularly apt in this situation. But not all childhood things are ruined by viewing them as an adult, just watch ‘Danger Mouse’ or ‘Trap Door’ and you will feel the years drop away. But can the same be said about gaming?

Now I’ve only had the game for an evening and I am already transfixed, even writing this is annoying because there are so many games needing remembering but I want you all to share the love so I’m willing to hold off for a little (very little) bit more.

Which game to play first I hear you ask?

Good question again as there are so many choices but I started with ‘Golden Axe’. I remember this one best from the arcade machine at my local swimming pool and spent many hours and 10p pieces (or was it 20p?) hitting warriors and riding dragons and abusing cheeky elves for their wares. I was very confident when the classic titles scrolled and I chose the barbarian as my character (which would you choose, Barbarian, Valkyrie or Dwarf?) I knew that I would easily romp through the levels and emerge victorious.

But I didn’t, I failed miserably. There is a lot of talk that older games were harder and less forgiving and I seem to have proved that right. The monsters hit harder than I remembered and even those cheeky little elves were like dancers eluding my clumsy kicks. I spent a great deal of time knocking people from dragons (and those fish/lizard things) and getting knocked straight off again.

And you know what? It was great! Yes the graphics and sound were awful and the controls were functional after playing games such as ‘Halo’ or even ‘Dead Island’ but that missed the point. It was enjoyable escapism and that as far as I’m concerned, is the point of gaming. It’s not about 100% completion or being better than a person that you’ve never met. These things can add to the experience but are side orders to the main course. I love chips but I’d rather have the steak.

So I’m really looking forward to exploring the games I remember loving and trying out those that I missed (‘Decap Attack starring Chuck D. Head’ or ‘Phantasy Star 2, 3 & 4’ anyone?). You should all buy this now.

And next game I’m playing?….

Come here Sonic!

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Barry spends most of his time lost in North London although he assures others its all part of the plan. He has been gaming since the age of the Atari 2600 and once owned a Purple Gamecube cos he's that cool. When not lost he likes to drink and correct other people's spelling and grammar.

3 Responses to Blog: Rose Tinted Glasses

  1. Robert Young says:

    I have this and it’s still sealed! Shame on moi

  2. David Guild says:

    I got to admit, I’m afraid to watch any more cartoons what I watched when I was a kid because of what you said. I was always a big fan of Ghostbuster cartoon TV series and ofc alot of others, recently I was able to get some cartoons I enjoyed, Ghostbusters, Ducktales, Spiderman .. etc but after watching a few eps of Ghostbusters I had to stop … couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore to ruin my memories. Yes I knew it was cheesy but not that bad.

    Though the same couldn’t be said about Ducktales, I been watching the TV series with my son and love every min as much as I did back when I was a kid. I was even lucky enough to review the remastered game which I loved.

    I like to think of myself as a retro gamer and while they are a few games I’ve gone back to and said to myself “How could I loved this when I was wee” but thankfully its only a few here and there. I still love most the games now what I did back then.

    I had the XBLA version of Golden Axe and just recently this year got all achievements on the game, it was a great time machine to what games were and what I love about games. Though I did thought Golden Axe was far longer than what it was. Streets of Rage is just how i remembered it, bloody hard and the ending just annoys me lol.

    I keep hoping for some more remakes to happen. Superfrog, Ducktales and Choplifter have been awesome

  3. They all seem a lot shorter although I’m baffled by Ecco. What am I doing here? Why are all of the dolphins on LSD? And I’m sure Orca’s would be, at the very lease a bit standofish (fish gettit!).

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