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Blog: Oooooooooo I would love a HD Remake

Lately we have seen so many games getting that lick of fresh paint and a touch up with the release of a HD version on our console by a ton of publishers.
Games such as MGS, DmC, and Halo are only a few games that have been seen by publishers as games that needed an updated version, so newer gamers could enjoy them without feeling like they was gaming years ago.
When you start talking HD remakes as a gamer loads of games spring to mind which I would love to see get a fresh new look and released on, either a disc or the digital platform.
So with nothing to do this weekend I thought I would list a few games that I would love to see on my 360, and you guys can also comment below with what games you would like to see.


Game one – Dino Crisis

Surely most of you have heard of this classic game from the guys at Capcom right?
when I first got my hands on this game it felt like the first game that offered me something new to kill rather than the typical bad guy or zombie that carries games to this day.
The zombie thing must come to an end soon, as their is only so many times that a zombie horde killing game can be fun.
The moment I put Dino Crisis into my ps1 and loaded up the game to see an intro where your team member would get eaten by a T-Rex I was sold.
Sadly I’m sure I read somewhere on the Internet that the license for this game is tied down with Sony, but hopefully this is not the case.
So Capcom if you happen to read this just ask your fans and they will tell you they want a remake or a new game.
Game two – Parappa the Rapper

This one may surprise a few as I have such a hard man image(note sarcasm), but this was one of my Favorite games to play once again on my PS1.
A music based game before the times of games like Guitar Hero and RockBand were cool this is where gamers would come to get their button mashing music fix.
You control Parappa a guy who loves to believe who is trying to show a sunflower by the name of  Sunny that he likes her.
Once again this was played by me on the Playstation, so not quite sure how licenses are for this.
Game Three  – Shenmue

This one is surely in everybody’s list, as it is without doubt a Dreamcast classic.
To be honest with you the full story slips my mind, but at the time I was blown away with how big the game seemed to feel.
You could walk round Into shops and arcades blowing your money on crap you never needed, and you could even get a job on the docks moving around crates.
Sounds boring I know, but this is one game that has such a cult following that I can’t really see why it has not been done already.

I have plenty of more game I would love to see,  but this is where you guys come in and tell us what you would love to see.

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2 Responses to Blog: Oooooooooo I would love a HD Remake

  1. Scot Mackay says:

    Please, please, please let there be a fully remastered version of Streets of Rage. More specifically Streets of Rage 2.

    I know its out there on the Mega bundle and as a downloadable option but apart from being able to smooth the edges a little bit, its still the same old (fantastic) game.

    If it got a just a fresh look, dam this game would rock.

  2. Jean-Francois Boudriau says:

    I just want them to remake the Mega Man Anniversay in proper HD. I love me some mega man!

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