Published on November 11th, 2013 | by Andy Bell


Blog: Never Too Old to Game?

Today I read an interesting article in the Mail Online about a 78 year old granny from Dudley who loves to game and play Call of Duty, and how she spent two hours the other night queuing up for the highly anticipated COD Ghosts, apart from having a good chuckle to myself at her picture and the story I actually began to reflect a little and ask myself the very question “will I ever get too old for gaming?”

I am unsure of my very first gaming experience or when I became what might be termed as a “gamer” although I fondly remember my ZX Spectrum and my Commodore 64 I don’t think that I really started to really take great interest until the rise of the consoles. Gaming for me then started to become more social and what I could only play down the local arcade – (back in the day recreational areas that hosted top of the range games- kids!) I could all of a sudden play games together at home with friends and my interest boomed, this should be mentioned that then we had little sources of information, so the magazines and the mighty GamesMaster TV show were just great and I was always hungry for more information and up to date news.

While the home entertainment and gaming technology seemed to pick up speed I did admittedly drop off the radar, getting married and involving myself with other recreational activities I found little time for gaming in fact the Xbox and the whole “hand held” thing completely passed me by, I was happy just knocking about on the PS2 and still having a go on Goldeneye with my mates.

This all changed again when I got my first Xbox 360 (like many others there was always several!) I was once again thrust and firmly stuck in the gaming world while no longer hanging around the friends of my Goldeneye era; I was introduced to in my eyes a very new thing “online gaming” I was very lucky to fall into a crowd of likeminded gamers or what might be termed as a mature gamer and thus here I am

Or am I? Like a great deal of people including this who work on the site, I am a full time working “gamer dad” while I love that fact that my son loves his Xbox and we have a great mutual interest, something that I never possessed with my father over hobbies and as much as I would like to stay interested in what my son is playing and helping him with games, I have often asked myself the question “will I ever become too old to game?” or just naturally lose interest.

While I am still firmly a gamer and are fortunate enough to be able to vent my opinion of games on this site, I question whether I will still have my hands around a controller when I’m collecting a pension, while the aforementioned article inspired me somewhat to pen this blog It did take me back to a alarming thought I had earlier this year when I was en route to Eurogamer. While I am aware that the crew I was meeting was of a similar age, my mind strayed to what my expectations of the general majority of people I would come across at the venue, would I feel like a proud old  man with his site being advertised on his midlife love handles!  Fortunately I was relieved to see that there was a genuine mix of people and ages and backgrounds at the expo, although this said a distinct lack of OAP’s.

So I ask this, I imagine that a lot of people can relate to my gaming history and my opinions on gaming now, but when do you think the question will come to you? Is it looming around the corner? Or is the seed not even planted?

Even now I’ve just watched a couple of hours of TV and then some finishing touches on this, I’m thinking it’s too late to pop on the Xbox….


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Loving Games since "Dizzy the Egg" and always up for a laugh! Proud father and husband.

5 Responses to Blog: Never Too Old to Game?

  1. GaryMull86 says:

    think a lot of our generations will find we play a lot of games when young, get older and work and family take over and you feel tired etc all the time, kids fly the nest, retire/go part time and have more time for gaming*

    *that assuming they don’t take away all state pensions!

  2. Tony Winkett says:

    The day the child beats me at a video game is the day I pass the torch over. Until that time comes I shall enjoy something I hold dear to my old heart.., plus you can’t beat shooting people after a ding dong with the wife 🙂

  3. Robert Young says:

    I’m in the ‘lost interest/disillusioned’ state right now and hate it… on the way home last night I said to my partner I would love an hour on GTA V… got in. made a cup of tea, did some drawing and went to bed! I hate to say it but I don’t think it’s a matter of age I think it’s a matter of interest.

  4. Nikmou says:

    I think life does sometimes take over, and I for one am so busy that I feel guilty taking a bit of Nikmou time to have a bit of a play. So in my case its lack of time – I’m sure I will have more time in the future but for now I take my 5 minutes where I can get them.

  5. David Guild says:

    I actually have to agree with Rob, its never about age I think. If your look at the dawn of gaming it was all just old geeky/nerd guy wanting a bit of fun, then it came down to kids generations and adults took a back seat but now with consoles doing alot of different genres of gaming, there something for everyone.

    The problem is interest and time. I see myself struggling for time to play a game, but when I do get the time I just can’t be bothered playing a game. Nothing has excited me for quite some time, everyone loves GTA but I find it a bit dull, CoD? Just a generic shooter. Personally I think the problem for me is the gaming world is too full of sequels so I’ve seen it all before, the games I loved out of the current gen of consoles were the new IPs, and remakes. Sleeping Dogs (technically not a new IP), Crackdown, Dust AET, Choplifter and Ducktales were my games of the generation which I loved. Of course they are a few more but those are the main ones. I can see it when I play Assassins Creed series, I loved the first one but the 2nd one was a struggle, with my dislike for the story and that maybe I went in to quick after finishing one but it just took me alot more will power to play it.

    I can see gaming take the back seat in the future for me.

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