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Blog: Have Microsoft done enough to get you back?

Late last night we all witnessed the big news of Microsoft back tracking with big issues that gamers had with the new Xbox One console.
DRM is now gone, No 24 hour check in , and the need to always be online has also gone.
Now while I understood why gamers were not happy about this I was one of the guys who was still going to pre-order my Xbox One even with all these things.
The ten people gameshare is now dead in the water thanks to this happening, which I think in the long run would have been a great feature, so I’m hopeful we may see that down the line.

I went to our Twitter account to see what our followers thought about it all, and this is some of the comments we got.

@TheAwesomeJedi tweeted “It only took a patch to undo all this crap. What happens if they decide to patch the patch in 12 months” ?
He does have a point here. What is to say two years down the line they don’t force this upon us with a patch, would you guys stick with your console then?

@Dante_000 tweeted “Too little too late. PS4 is still the better console in hardware, and with PS+ offering the same amount of free games it beats Xbox Live“.
Yet again another valid point, PS+ does offer gamers tons of free games.
This month alone sees PS3 members getting games like Battlefield 3 and Saints Row The third to name just a few,.
Hopefully Microsoft start seeing this and offer us better games than Halo 3, which surely most gamers have owned in the past or still own.

@ManofBronze Tweeted “lets get real here. They didn’t change things to make us happy, The did it because they realised it would lose them sales”.
Totally agree with this statement, as the whole “we listened “press release just made me cringe.
They clearly got a look at pre-order sales and knew they had to do something to pull the none believers back onside.

@gezagonk1977 Tweeted “Why don’t they ditch Kinect from the bundle and drop the price? Make it optional like the PS4. Price is a big factor still“.
Price still seems to be playing a big factor, but with the PS4 being a while £100.00 cheaper you can understand why.
I’m not a big Kinect fan, and felt later on with the device it became a place where poorly made third party games would that would be waste of money.
I can name about five great uses of a Kinect on the 360, can the next device justify that extra cost though?

So Microsoft have still not won everyone over yet, as the price and being force fed the Kinect does still not sit well with gamers.
They have for once though give gamers more of a choice when it comes to what next-gen console they should get, but it is not won yet Microsoft.
The reason you had me coming before all this was this simple reason, I felt live was a better service than PSN when it comes to gaming.
We started this whole site because of your great 360 console, but trust me I came close to going the other way with what my pre-order was going to be.
You have until November now to show other 360 owners why they should upgrade and not choose Sony over you, the clock is ticking though so do it fast.

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