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Blog: Don’t you dare ruin my WWE Games

I was going to write a basic news post on this story, but thought to myself THQ deserve better than that, and also  They have been a big part of my gaming life for one reason, and that is Wrestling. Not only these guys the reason my favorite wrestling game had a publisher each year, but they took a franchise and made it cool to be a fan of these games for once.
My time with a WWE/WWF game started way back with the very first Smackdown game.

Now of course before this we have had wrestle games on consoles of old with classics such as wrestle war, which by the way Sega needs to be re-released on XBLA pronto, but Smackdown was the first game for me that nailed the whole Wrestling razzamatazz (made up word) of this sport/entertainment mash up.
For the first time on my console I could play as some of my favorite wrestlers like The Rock or Stone Cold, and they never looked like a bunch of ugly pixels having a stroke. This game also holds a special place in my heart for one reason and here is where it gets a little bit sloppy. When I met my now wife for the first time it was near Christmas time, and of course just growing to know what each other like and don’t like is the start of a relationship, so to my surprise two days before Xmas a parcel shows up at my house. My now partner at the time lived at home with her parents a few hours away, so we kind of bought each other a gift for one another without telling each other what we would really want, but by guessing by the time we had spent with each other in that first month. Of course being a man I went with the safe option of a heart shaped pendent, but when I opened my box late Xmas eve I was shocked to see how perfect she got me when I saw this little baby inside.

Yep with that one gift she sealed the deal and is one of the reasons we are now married, as any woman who reads you that well deserves the pleasure of having my moaning ass around for years to come, back on subject though I would just like to say thank you THQ for publishing some of the best games of my younger gaming days, and I hope the guys you’ve worked with move on to better things in life. Also a big thank you to the PR guys who answered my begging emails, as without them I would not have had the pleasure of reviewing a game that was really part of my growing up.

If you had told the 13 year old me THQ would send me a free copy of a game I grew up loving, so I could tell them and others what I hated and loved about it I would have kicked your nutty ass right in the grapefruits. Good luck to Yukes, and I hope whoever picks up the license takes the franchise back to the top where it belongs, if not I’m sure many fans will be waiting to tell you that you screwed up their game.

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