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Blog: Are renting games a good option?

A few years ago a big deal happened in my life that I’m sure has happened to many men like myself, my partner/now wife had our first child and from that day forward my life changed. Since then we got married and had our second child and I’m the stay at home daddy while the wife goes out to work until the kids can fend for themselves, then it will be back to work for me. This is why this site even happened, as I have some spare hours knocking around so it was made to keep me sane from all the cbeebies my mind has had to take over the past 5 years.

When you have kids you soon notice all those times you walked into shops buying games when you only had yourself to take care off soon stop, as of course you have another mouth to feed and dress for at least another 18 years maximum. So this is where this blog post is leading. Since all that time ago I’ve been a huge renter of games in my life, I still purchase the titles I know will be played for a long amount of time, but rentaL sites also give me a chance to test some games I may never have even given a second glance.

In the UK we have a few rental sites, but I think the biggest two are Lovefilm and Blockbuster.

All of my opinions on the service I got from these guys either came on a free trial, or in Lovefilms case paid for, as I have used them for many years. Please if you know of any other rental sites worthy of a mention please do post in the comments below and I will be sure to check them out and update this blog post. Or if you would like to write up a review of the service you use I will happily edit it into this post.


Service: I’ve been with these guys on and off for years, but this still does not mean they have no faults. In the past I’ve had one off things happen to me when using their service. Such things as Games covered in chocolate, discs going missing in the post and then being expected to pay for them, but the worse thing Lovefilm always suffer from is not really sending you what you really want.You can only really do one thing when this keeps happening if there is a game you really want and that’s empty your rental list and wait till they finally pick the game on your list, but all this does in waste your money, as by doing this I would say you lose about a week of use on a rental each month. If anything this is where some of the other rental guys are beating Lovefilm, as of late I’ve noticed a option on most rental sites of using a priority option or a top ticket option, which is telling them which game or dvd you really want next. At the moment Lovefilm is early stages of testing this out, but I’m still to see any difference from before.

Price: These range from 9.99 for two games at any time to a whopping 14.99 for three games at anytime, for some reason I pay the 14.99 option, as running this site I like the option of having The option of renting any many new releases as I can, but if you were to ask ask me was the cost too high I would say yes.

Streaming: This is the only rental site in the UK to offer streaming movies to your Xbox 360, but do not let that fool you. The choice is some what dated and never seems to get updated that much, and if it does it’s with older movies.

Overall if I was gonna score them out of five I would give them 3.5/5


Service: I’ve been using these guys now for the past three weeks and have to say I’ve not had one issue. I’m on a 30 day trial, which when signing up full time and becoming a paying customer (which I will be doing) I will get a 15 pound voucher to spend on their marketplace. The service has matched that of Lovefilm easily so far with no major issues being had at all, but when you look at the length of time I’ve used this service compared to Lovefilm you would expect that.

Adding stuff to my rental list has all been quite easy, and the option of using top ticket has been a bonus. Top ticket lets you let Blockbuster know which Game/DVD you want next and they will make sure that’s what you get. This came in useful when my six year old really wanted a dvd he saw in their kids section, one click of top ticket and the dvd was here the next morning. On top of this they have now just sent me a free rental on top of rental my rental list, damn they really want me to stay 🙂

Price: Same price as Lovefilm, or you can one game at a time for 7.99 a month or 2 games a time for 9.99.

Streaming: Not available with Blockbuster.

Overall I would give Blockbusters a 4/5 I’ve had no issues and it’s all gone really well.

This reason they scored well was due to better customer service, if you follow me on Twitter you will see I had an issue with a bought game from these guys recently and they really did help me out. On previous times with Lovefilm the customer service has felt robotic at one point I remember having to email the same issue 3 times to them to finally understand the issue.

So do you guys use rental sites? how do you find them?

Please if you use any other rental services do get in touch below and if you want to add your bit to this blog post I will add it into if you so wish.

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4 Responses to Blog: Are renting games a good option?

  1. GJ Mcghie says:

    I rent my games from my local library. I pay £2 per title per week. Most gamers don’t seem to know they can get games here so there is usually a pretty good choice.

    Even better is that you can pre order new stuff and get them on release week. If you are first borrower you can also scoop the dlc codes.

  2. Nikmou says:

    I use Boomerang, I’m sure I have done a mini-review in the past. Probably swallowed up in the old site but I really do rate them on their customer service and the little extras that they give you compared to some of the bigger sites.

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